Is Yabatech Part Time Form Out? Opening and Closing Date 2024/2025

Is Yabatech part time form out
Is Yabatech part time form out


The Yabatech part time form registration for both ND and HND for the year 2024/2025 is available for sale with the official date to start from January 10 and the closing date is March 15, 2024. interested candidates should use this opportunity to apply for the part-time program.

For further information and inquiry on the Yabatech part-time form contact Mr. John at 08183426008 or visit Shop three Science and Technology complex inside the Yabatech compound.

These part-time programs are designed to allow working-class individuals to obtain an ND or HND certificate by attending classes on weekdays/weekends. when will Yabatech’s part-time form be out?


Yabatech part-time Requirements

Before you can get the Yabatech part-time program you must come with the Documents below:

ND students

  • Passport photograph
  • Olevel Result

HND Students

  • ND Certificate / ND Statement of Result
  • Olevel Result
  • Passport Photograph

Does Yabatech have hostels For Part-time students?

No, there is no hostel for part-time students, the school only has one for full-time students. Only During Exams period does the school give out a hostel to part-time students for two weeks which attracts a fee of ten thousand naira (10,000) only.

Advantages of Yabateh Part-time Program


The Yabatech Part-time programs allow students to work or manage other responsibilities while pursuing a degree. This allows for a better work-life balance.



The Yabatech Part-time programs allow students to effectively pay their school fees in two installments. Half of the fees can be paid in the first semester while the other half can be completed in the other semester, making it cost-effective.

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Career Advancement

A part-time program allows students to have the opportunity for career advancement which allows them to improve their career while working and schooling at the same time.

Smaller Course Load

The part-time program allows students to take fewer courses to allow them to comprehend what courses they are taught. This will make them learn better and have the confidence to build good grades.


Part-time schedules are accessed to easily than the full-time schedules. The program also helps students, parents, or working professionals have easy access to the program when the part-time commences.


Potential for Transfer

The part-time student will have the opportunity to transfer into a full degree program and this will be based on the GPA of the students. This will be as a result of good Credits earned in a part-time program. may be transferable to a full-degree program later.

How much is Yabatech part time form

The price of Yabatech Part-time form for ND and HND is fifteen thousand naira (15,000) with no bank charges or service charge

How to apply for the Yabatech part-time form

To apply for the Yabatech part-time program you need to follow the steps below:


  • Visit the Yabatech registration portal to generate your Remitta invoice
  • Proceed to the bank and make the payment you generated from the portal or you can pay with your ATM card.
  • After making the payment go back to the registration portal to fill out the form and upload your passport.
  • Once you finish filing the form you can make another payment for Olevel verification.
  • To make the Olevel verification payment you need to follow the same step to generate the invoice to pay with a bank or ATM card.
  • After making the OLevel verification payment, log in back to the portal to fill in your WAEC result and then submit the application form
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How to check Yabatech’s part-time admission status?

Yabatech’s part-time admission status can be checked by visiting the admission portal which is on the school’s website.

Can a part-time student switch to full-time?

Yes, a part-time student can switch to full-time. For a part-time to switch, the student must have done jamb regularization and must have gotten a jamb registration number. This is to allow part-time students to go for NYSC service.

How long is a semester in Yabatech?

Yabatech Part-time semester is three (3) months and two weeks. the two weeks are for revision before they start their exams.

Yabatech Weekend part-time courses

  • Accountancy.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Business Administration and Management.
  • Marketing.
  • Office Technology and Management.
  • Public Administration

This Yabatech Weekend part-time program lectures time from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Yabatech Weekend Part-time Courses and Requirements

The first column is the list of courses offered in Yabatech, the second column is the compulsory subject while for the electives you will pick three or two more subjects to make it five in total

CoursesCompulsory RequirementsElectives
Accountancymathematics, English language, economicsCommerce, Geography, Biology/Agricultural Science, Government/Civic Education, Business Management/Method and Financial Accounting, Literature in English
Banking and Finance.English Language, MathematicsCommerce, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, Geography, Biology/Agricultural Science and History/Government, Financial Accounting / Book-keeping, Economics, Statistics, Insurance
Business Administration mathematics, English language, economicsgovernment/history, commerce, business methods, principles of account/bookkeeping, civic education, literature in English, geography, chemistry/physics/biology/agric science,
Marketingmathematics, English language, economics/ commerceEconomics, Commerce, Government/History, Bookkeeping/Accounts, Geography, Biology/Agric. Science/ Physics/ Chemistry, Literature in English, Marketing, Civic Education, Business Management/ Business Method.
Office Technology and Management.mathematics, English languageEconomics, Commerce, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, History/Government, Typewriting, Shorthand, Geography, Office Practice, Civic Education/Citizenship, Biology / Agric Science, ICT / Computer Appreciation / Data Processing, French / Yoruba / Igbo / Hausa, Literature in English
Public AdministrationEnglish Language, Mathematics, GovernmentBiology/Agricultural Science/Physics/Chemistry, Literature in English, Geography, Commerce, Economics, Citizenship/Civic Education, Principles of Accounts
Yabatech Weekend part-time courses

Does part-time do matriculation?

Yes, part-time also do matriculation. This shows that they have been admitted into Yabatech as students with a matriculation ceremony being conducted.

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Yabatech part-time courses For ND Program

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Agricultural Technology.
  3. Banking and Finance.
  4. Building Technology.
  5. Business Administration and Management.
  6. Civil Engineering.
  7. Computer Engineering.
  8. Computer Science. (Yaba or Epe Annex)
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Estate Management.
  11. Food Technology.
  12. General Art.
  13. Hospitality Management.
  14. Industrial Design and Fashion.
  15. Industrial Maintenance Engineering.
  16. Marketing
  17. Mass Communication.
  18. Mechanical Engineering.
  19. Metallurgical Engineering.
  20. Office Technology and Management.
  21. Printing Technology.
  22. Quantity Survey.
  23. Science and Laboratory Technology.
  24. Statistics.
  25. Textile Technology.

Yabatech part-time courses For the HND program

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Biochemistry.
  3. Building Technology.
  4. Business Administration and Management.
  5. Chemistry.
  6. Civil Engineering.
  7. Computer Engineering.
  8. Computer Science.
  9. Electrical Engineering.
  10. Environmental Biology.
  11. Estate Management.
  12. Food Technology.
  13. Graphic Design.
  14. Hospitality Management.
  15. Industrial Design
  16. Industrial Maintenance Engineering.
  17. Marketing.
  18. Mass Communication.
  19. Mechanical Engineering.
  20. Microbiology.
  21. Office Technology and Management.
  22. Physics with Electronics.
  23. Statistics.
  24. Textile Technology.


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