22 Key Duties of a chapel prefect in a secondary school 2024/2025

Duties of a chapel prefect in a secondary school
Duties of a chapel prefect in a secondary school


A chapel prefect is a student leader appointed in schools and colleges to assist with religious services and activities held in the campus chapel. Their duties involve preparing the chapel for services, welcoming students and guests, distributing programs or hymnals, overseeing appropriate behavior during services, assisting the chaplain, and inviting participation in chapel events.

Chapel Prefects aims to foster community and spiritual growth through their leadership.

What are the Duties of a chapel prefect in a secondary school

Here are some of the duties of a chapel prefect in a secondary school:


1. Ready the Chapel

Chapel prefects arrive early before services to ensure the chapel is neat, clean, and ready to receive students and guests. This may involve tidying seating, testing the sound system, opening windows, etc. Proper setup facilitates reverence.

2. Greet Arrivals

As attendees arrive, prefects warmly greet each person at chapel entrances and hand out programs listing the service order, hymns, readings, announcements, etc. Their hospitality sets a welcoming tone.

3. Monitor Noise

Prefects gently remind students entering the chapel to keep voices low and footsteps quiet out of respect for the sacred space. Maintaining a peaceful atmosphere fosters reflection.


4. Assign Seating

In schools with assigned chapel seating, prefects consult seating charts and courteously guide students and visitors to their designated pews or rows according to grade, house, class, etc. Orderly seating eases crowd flow.

5. Distribute Materials

In addition to programs, prefects hand out bibles, hymnals, response cards, or other items needed for participation in services. They ensure adequate materials are on hand for all attendees.

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6. Promote Reverence

If students become distracting or noisy during services, prefects issue gentle reminders to listen attentively, sit up properly, and keep hands/feet still. They model ideal engaged behavior.

7. Monitor Entrances

Prefects keep a watchful eye on chapel doors to discourage students from sneaking out early or arriving excessively late. They may need to quietly excuse themselves to retrieve wayward students.


8. Assist with Crowd Control

For busy services like graduations or holidays, prefects provide extra assistance in guiding large crowds into the chapel efficiently and minimizing disruption to the solemn ambiance. Patience and care are required.

9. Make Announcements

Prefects may utilize the chapel sound system to announce service agendas, share campus news, offer worship instructions to students, and introduce guest speakers or performers before services. Clear announcements are key.

10. Lead Responsive Readings

Portions of some services involve responsive readings, prayers, or affirmations. Prefects model leading these for the congregation using a microphone so all can follow in participation.


11. Collect Offerings

Many chapel services include collecting monetary gifts or donations for charity. Prefects assist by handing offering baskets down pews and conveying offerings to the altar with care and reverence.

12. Distribute Communion

For services involving Holy Communion, Eucharist, or Lord’s Supper, prefects assist clergy with smoothly distributing elements among attendees in an orderly fashion according to church tradition.

13. Tidy After Services

Once services conclude, prefects help straighten hymnals, collect discarded programs, tidy altar areas, close windows, turn off lights, and reset seating to leave the chapel orderly for the next use. 

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14. Greet Clergy

Prefects offer especially warm welcomes to visiting clergy, chaplains, or speakers who visit to lead services, extending hospitality and gratitude on behalf of the school. They make guests feel comfortable.

15. Assist Chaplain

Throughout the week between services, prefects meet with the chaplain to discuss ministry needs among students and staff. They help the chaplain coordinate prayer groups, counseling, outreach, and events as able.

16. Promote Activities

Prefects utilize morning announcements, social media, posters around campus, and other avenues to advertise upcoming chapel services and spiritual life activities. Getting the word out about gatherings is key.

17. Recruit Participants

Speaking personally with fellow students during meals, between classes, in dorms, etc., prefects encourage broad participation in chapel services, faith clubs, choirs, mission trips, and all enrichment activities. Their outreach is invaluable.

18. Model Involvement

By actively participating in worship services like scripture readings, joining campus ministry efforts, and attending bible studies or prayer groups themselves, prefects inspire wider student involvement through their passionate example.

19. Offer Input

Prefects meet regularly with school administration to share student feedback and offer input about chapel programs. They help ensure services stay relevant, thoughtful, and captivating for the intended audience.

20. Coordinate Special Services

For major holidays, prefects take the lead on coordinating with clergy, choirs, decorators, committees, and all groups required to bring special services beautifully to life from rehearsals through execution.

21. Promote Inclusivity

Prefects advocate for interfaith dialogue, diverse speakers, and inclusive language/activities to make chapel programming resonate across all belief systems represented on campus. They are champions of religious tolerance.

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22. Foster Spiritual Growth

Above all, chapel prefects aim to nurture the spiritual lives of students through their leadership. They create an ambiance conducive to student encounters with the divine that will nourish their character and future.


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