11 Best Church Presentation Software Free 2023/24

Best Church Presentation Software

Best Church Presentation Software

Are you looking for live display church presentation software free to download? if yes, then this article is for you.

Some of this worship software has both free and paid versions, the free versions have limited features while the paid is unlimited.

Before we get started let’s understand what church presentation software is about.

Church presentation software is software that helps churches engage with their members during church services and all other services.

The church presentation software helps to make song lyrics, videos, sermon notes, Bible verses, and other material accessible on a larger screen during church services to uplift congregation engagement.

What is the Best Church Presentation Software?

Here is a list of some of the top free and paid versions of church presentation software below for Mac and Windows:

1. Propresenter

ProPresenter is a church presentation software for Mac and Windows presentation & production applications for live events.

Propresenter makes producing high-quality live performances simply by displaying lyrics, slides, and media in real-time.

This software is necessary for studio broadcasts, athletic events, conferences, and trade exhibits.


  • High-quality video output
  • More Flexibility Than Traditional Slide Software
  • Easy-to-Use Presentation Software
  • Displaying of Multiple Scripture Translations
  • Better Support For Windows and Mac

ProPresenter price

  • $ 399 Seat License (initial purchase)
  • $ 179 ProPresenter+ Renewal (yearly after year one)

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2. SlideDog

SlideDog is a church presentation software for creating multimedia presentations that combine PowerPoint, PDF documents, video clips, and other material into a single, simple-to-use configuration.

Additionally, SlideDog makes it possible for you to manage the presentation from a different computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.


  • Audio File Management
  • Drag & Drop
  • Animation
  • 3D Objects

SlideDog price

  • $19 per 2 seats, billed monthly
  • $99 (1st year)per 2 seats, billed annually
  • $299 per 2 seats, one-time payment lifetime

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3. EasyWorship

EasyWorship is a live display church presentation software created to help churches enhance their worship services from the sound booth to the stage.

EasyWorship has accomplished everything with perfection and brings glory to God, from providing churches with the greatest worship material, church presentation software, and customer service.

You can import, create, and display your slides, videos, and songs with Easyworship presentation software that is both dependable and effective.


  • Multi-Screen Support
  • Multimedia Support
  • Multiple Format Support
  • Offline Editing
  • Offline Presenting
  • Scripture Database
  • Drag & Drop
  • Audio File Management

Easyworship Price

  • EasyWorship Basic $15.00 * Billed yearly, prepaid at $180
  • EasyWorship Premium $23.33 * Billed yearly, prepaid at $280

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4. MediaShout

MediaShout is a church presentation software for ministries that allows you to control the presentation on your computer while displaying song lyrics, scripture, and other slides on your audience’s screens.

MediaShout is software that visually engages your worship service or missionary event with the most crucial church message in life.


  • lyrics on the fly
  • formatting text
  • changing background
  • Templates and presets
  • inserting bibles

MediaShout price

  • MediaShout LE $29/month OR $179/year
  • MediaShout 7 Single $ 399.00
  • MediaShout 7 Site $ 499.00
  • MediaShout 7 Upgrade $ 249.00

5. Faithlife Proclaim

Faithlife Proclaim is a live display church presentation software that helps worship leaders display and stream required content across different platforms during church service and other weekly church activities.

Faithlife Proclaim presentation software is created exclusively for churches, church leaders can produce presentations, record sermons, and design slides without having to do any manual labor.


  • Intuitive and Simple Interface
  • Pre-Built Service Items
  • Concurrent presentations
  • software Updates
  • Sermon Recording
  • Unlimited cloud-based access and installs
  • Custom song slide order

Faithlife Proclaim price

  • Proclaim On Air $24.99/mo
  • On Air + Pro Media $37.99/mo
  • On Air + Pro Media + Partner Media $92.99/mo

6. ZionWorx

ZionWorx is a live display church presentation software tool for Windows that allows churches to plan, organize, and deliver church services that include music, Scripture readings, pictures, videos, PowerPoint slides, and more.

ZionWorx presentation software tool allows you to Drag-and-drop music arrangements, popup notifications, and song imports from other sources are all supported by the system.


  • Reliable Video Playback
  • Importing of Songs From Other Databases
  • Fast Song Database and Theme Engine
  • Easy Screen Recording
  • Multiple Outputs For Hybrid Church

ZionWorx price

  • ZionWorx 4 Monthly Subscription US$17.50 / $11.50 Monthly
  • ZionWorx 4 Annual Subscription US$174.00 Yearly

7. OpenLP

OpenLP is a good open-source church presentation software that doesn’t tie you down to every monthly or yearly subscription renewal.

You can use OpenLP to upgrade to the next version as soon as they release it. you’re free to roam the sanctuary with one of the remote apps.

You can as well install copies of the application on Windows, Linux, Mac, or FreeBSD.


  • Custom Slides
  • Presentations
  • Android/iOS Remote
  • Integration with VLC
  • Import Bibles, Pictures, and songs from a variety of platform


  • Free

8. VideoPsalm

VideoPsalm is a free church worship presentation software that you can use with PowerPoint, EasyWorship, OpenSong, OpenLP, and several other solutions during the live display of church service.


  • Christian song lyrics
  • PowerPointpresentations
  • Clock, countdown, stopwatch​
  • Bible verses
  • Image slide shows
  • One-click live video feed background
  • Automatically plays music associated with songs


  • Free

9. Sharefaith Presenter

Sharefaith Presenter church presentation software is a PowerPoint Plugin that turns PowerPoint into a complete Worship Presentation Software.

This Presentation software tool will astound you with its simplicity, usability, and potent production features if you utilize PowerPoint on a PC.


  • Unlimited Objects on Any Slide
  • Blazing Fast Setup and Execution
  • 1 License with Activation
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Custom Slide Builder
  • Custom Song Builder
  • Largest Worship Song Database
  • 90,000 Integrated Graphics & Media


  • $25.00per month / Free Trial

10. Easyslides

Easyslides is a Free Worship church presentation software designed for projecting lyrics and Bible texts onto a large-screen congregation for Christian Worship services.


  • Dual-Lingual Texts
  • Multimedia Support
  • Booklet Generator
  • Multiple Confidence Monitor Outputs
  • Html Generator


  • Free

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11. FreeWorship

FreeWorship is a church presentation software user-friendly, and dependable worship presentation tool made for churches, Christian organizations, and worship services.

Most importantly, FreeWorship is completely free. FreeWorship helps to provide as many features as it can while keeping its user interface straightforward. Songs, bible texts, films, photos, and slides are all supported in Freeworship software.

FreeWorship makes running a church service easier and more professional than ever with only free software by utilizing fluid transitions and a straightforward style editor.


  • CCLI integration
  • QuickEdit+
  • Verse ordering
  • Drop-in service items
  • Bible Search


  • Free

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