50 Yabatech part time Courses and Requirements For ND and HND Students 2024/2025

Yabatech part time Courses and Requirements For ND and HND
Yabatech part time Courses and Requirements For ND and HND

Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) Part-Time Programs are a dynamic choice for individuals and working professionals looking for flexible learning schedules.

Yabatech offers various part-time courses that cover several subjects, so you may learn useful skills while juggling your hectic schedule.

Yabatech Part-Time provides easily accessible education, whether your goal is to advance your job or explore a new area.

Discover endless opportunities with our all-inclusive programs. Start your path to success by reviewing the particular prerequisites for each course.

What are the Yabatech part time Courses and Requirements?

The table below shows the Yabatech part time Courses and Requirements for both ND and HND students.

This Course and Requirements are for both part-time and full-time students.

Before you can get admission into Yabatech you need a total of 5 credits, Three from Compulsory level Requirements and two from Elective to make it five in total.

CoursesRequirementsElective Olevel Subject Combination
Accountancymathematics, English language, economicsCommerce, Geography, Biology/Agricultural Science, Government/Civic Education, Business Management/Method and Financial Accounting, Literature in English
agricultural and bio-environmental engineering
Mathematics, English Language, Physics, ChemistryBiology/Agricultural Science, Economics, Geography, Technical Drawing, Agric mechanics
Agricultural Technologymathematics, English language, chemistry, biology/agric sciencePhysics, Geography, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Civic Education
Architecturemathematics, English language, physicsChemistry, Economics/Commerce, Biology, Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Fine Art and Geography.
Banking and FinanceEnglish Language, MathematicsCommerce, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, Geography, Biology/Agricultural Science and History/Government, Financial Accounting / Book-keeping, Economics, Statistics, Insurance
Building Technologymathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology, Economics, Technical Drawing, Geography, Agric Science.
Business Administrationmathematics, English language, economicsgovernment/history, commerce, business methods, principles of account/bookkeeping, civic education, literature in English, geography, chemistry/physics/biology/agric science,
chemical engineering technologymathematics, English language, physics, chemistryStatistics, Biology, Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Basic Electronics, Metal Work, Further Mathematics, Geography, Economics.
Civil Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology/Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Auto Mechanics, Metalwork, Woodwork, Further Mathematics, Geography, Economics/Commerce, Bricklaying and Concrete Work, and Building Construction.
Computer Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology/Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Statistics, Further Mathematics, Geography, Economics.
Computer Sciencemathematics, English language, physics, chemistryGeography, Biology, Economics, Data Processing / Computer Studies, Further Maths
Electrical Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology, Technical Drawing, Basic Electricity, Applied Electricity, Information and Communications Technology, Further Mathematics, Economics, Basic Electronics.
Estate Management and Valuationmathematics, English language, economics, physics/chemistry/biology / agricultural scienceBasic Surveying, Geography, Biology/Agric. Science, Technical Drawing/Fine Art, Literature in English, Metal Work, Principles of Accounts.
Food Technologymathematics, English language, chemistry, biology/agric sciencePhysics, Economics, Geography, and Food and Nutrition.
General ArtEnglish Language, Mathematics, Fine Art/Visual Art/Technical Drawing/Welding and Fabrication/Metal Work/Wood Work/General Metal Work/Painting and Decoration/Bleaching/Tie and Dye/GraphicsChemistry, Physics, History/Government, Biology/Agricultural Science, Literature in English, Economics/Commerce, CRK/IRK Geography and Photography/Tourism.
Hospitality Managementmathematics, English language, biology/agric scienceGeography, Food and Nutrition/Catering Craft, Health Science, Government. Commerce, Principles of Accounts, Economics, Physics, Chemistry,
fashion design and clothing technologyEnglish Language, Mathematics, Fine Art/Visual Art/Biology/ Agric. Science/ Clothing and Textiles/ Garment DesignsPhysics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Literature in English, Home Management, Home Economics, Commerce, Economics, Geography, Health Science, Food and Nutrition, CRK/IRK, Business Education, Civic Education, Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo, Technical Drawing, Office Practice
Industrial Maintenance Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistrybiology, agric science, economics/commerce, technical drawing, basic electronics/basic electricity, auto mechanics, metal work, geography, computer studies, further maths
Leisure and TourismEnglish Language, Mathematics, Geography/ Economics/Tourism StudiesEconomics/ Commerce, Book Keeping Principles of Accounting, Fine Arts/ Visual Arts, French Language, Government/ History, Food and Nutrition, Home Economics and Nigerian Language, Biology / Agric Science, Marketing, Photography
Marine Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology/Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Statistics, Further Mathematics, Geography, Economics.
Marketingmathematics, English language, economics/ commerceEconomics, Commerce, Government/History, Bookkeeping/Accounts, Geography, Biology/Agric. Science/ Physics/ Chemistry, Literature in English, Marketing, Civic Education, Business Management/ Business Method.
Mass CommunicationEnglish Language and Mathematics, Literature in EnglishHistory, Economics/Commerce, Fine Arts, Government, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Agric. Science, Geography, Typewriting, Principles of Accounting, Marketing, and Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo, Civic Education, CRK/IRK.
Mechanical Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryAgricultural Science or Biology, Technical Drawing, Basic, Electronics, Basic Electricity, Further Mathematics, Auto Mechanics, Geography.
mechatronics engineering technologymathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology/Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Basic Electronics/Basic Electricity, Auto Mechanics, Metal Work/Wood Work, Further Mathematics, Applied Electricity.
Metallurgical Engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryAgricultural Science or Biology, Technical Drawing, Basic, Electronics, Basic Electricity, Further Mathematics, Auto Mechanics, Geography, Economics, Commerce
nutrition and dieteticsEnglish Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural ScienceFood and Nutrition, Economics, Physics, Statistics, Health Science, Food and Nutrition / Home Economics
Office Technology Managementmathematics, English languageEconomics, Commerce, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts, History/Government, Typewriting, Shorthand, Geography, Office Practice, Civic Education/Citizenship, Biology / Agric Science, ICT / Computer Appreciation / Data Processing, French / Yoruba / Igbo / Hausa, Literature in English
Polymer Technologymathematics, English language, physics, chemistryTechnical Drawing/Art, Further Mathematics, Biology/Agricultural Science, Statistics, Geography, Economics
Printing TechnologyEnglish Language, Mathematics, Physics/ChemistryChemistry/Physics, Bookkeeping and Principles of Accounting, Economics, Commerce, Metal Work, Basic Electricity, Technical Drawing/Fine Art, Geography, Further Mathematics, Biology, Lit. in English, Physical Education, Agric. Science, Computer Studies, Photography/Tourism, Trade Entrepreneurship Studies, Stenography, Marketing, Business Management, Health Education, Civic Education, Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa Language, IRK/CRK, Geography and Information and Comm. Technology.
Public AdministrationEnglish Language, Mathematics, GovernmentBiology/Agricultural Science/Physics/Chemistry, Literature in English, Geography, Commerce, Economics, Citizenship/Civic Education, Principles of Accounts
Quantity Surveyingmathematics, English language, physicsEconomics/Commerce, Technical Drawing/Fine Arts, Chemistry, Geography, Further Mathematics, Woodwork/Metal Work, Biology/Agric. Science
Science Laboratory Technologymathematics, English language, physics, chemistry, biology
Statisticsmathematics, English languageStatistics, Economics, Geography, Government/History/Civic Education, Further Mathematics/Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Food and Nutrition, Account/Commerce.
surveying and geoinformaticsmathematics, English language, physicsChemistry, Technical Drawing, Geography, Biology/Agricultural Science.
Textile Technologymathematics, English language, physics, chemistryBiology/Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics, Fine Art, Statistics, Geography and Economics.
urban and regional planningEnglish Language, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Agric. ScienceEconomics, Fine Art/Technical Drawing, Civic Education, Government / History, Commerce / Principle of Accounting, Geography, Data Processing/Statistics
welding and fabrication engineeringmathematics, English language, physics, chemistryAgricultural Science or Biology, Technical Drawing, Basic, Electronics, Basic Electricity, Further Mathematics, Auto Mechanics, Statistics, Economics
library and information scienceEnglish Language and MathematicsAccounting/Commerce, Biology, Economics, Chemistry, Christian Religious Knowledge/Islamic Religious Knowledge, Computer, Fine Art/Visual Art, Geography, Government, Home Economics/Food and Nutrition, Literature in English, Physics, Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa, Marketing, Account/Book Keeping, Agric Science, CRK/IRK.
art educationmathematics, English languageliterature in English, history, fine art/applied art/visual art, french, Igbo/Yoruba/hausa, CRK/irk, music, economics, commerce, government, geography, principles of account
biology educationEnglish language, biology, mathematicschemistry, physics, agricultural science, health science
business educationEnglish language, mathematics, economicsCommerce, Office Practice, Principles/Financial Accounting, Secretarial/Clerical Office Duties, Typewriting, Shorthand, Book Keeping, Business Management, Government, History, Civic Education, Information and Communication Technology, Salesmanship, Marketing, Store Keeping/Management, Typewriting and Stenography/Geography
chemistry educationmathematics, chemistry, English languagephysics, biology, agricultural science, health science
computer educationmathematics, English language, physicsChemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics, Geography, Economics, Computer Studies, Data Processing, GSM Phone Maintenance, Information and Communication Technology, Technical Drawing, Basic Electricity and Electrical Drawing,
home economics educationEnglish language, mathematics, chemistry/biologyHome Economics/Management, Biology/Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, Food and Nutrition, Economics, Cosmetology, Clothing and Textile/Garment Marking, Catering Craft, Health Education/Health Science, Dying and Bleaching, Leather Work/Leather Goods, Tourism, Jewellery and Basketery, Commerce, Geography
industrial technical educationmathematics, English languagePhysics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Biology/Agricultural Science, Geography, Economics, Applied Electricity, Auto Body Repairs Spray Painting, Auto Electricity Work, Auto Mechanical Work/Mechanics, Metal Work, Machine Wood Work, Technical Drawing, Furniture Making/Upholstery, Welding and Fabrication/Engineering Craft Practice, Building Construction and Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work, carpentry and Joinery, Bricklaying and Concreting, Auto Parts Merchandising, Plumbing and Pipe Setting
mathematics educationmathematics, English languagebiology, chemistry, physics, agricultural science, health science
physics educationmathematics, English language, physicsbiology, chemistry, agricultural science, health science
integrated science educationEnglish language, mathematicsbiology, chemistry, physics, agricultural science, health science
Yabatech part time Courses and Requirements table

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Yabatech part-time Engineering courses

  1. Agricultural Technology.
  2. Civil Engineering.
  3. Computer Engineering.
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Industrial Maintenance Engineering.
  6. Mechanical Engineering.
  7. Metallurgical Engineering.

Yabatech part-time Art courses

  1. book publishing                               
  2. fashion design and clothing technology                
  3. General art                        
  4. graphic design                  
  5. industrial design – ceramics option                         
  6. industrial design – textile option                              
  7. printing technology                        
  8. sculpture

Yabatech part-time Science courses

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Chemistry
  3. Computer Science.
  4. Environmental Biology
  5. Food Technology.
  6. Hospitality Management.
  7. Microbiology
  8. Physics with Electronics
  9. Science and Laboratory Technology.
  10. Statistics.
  11. Textile Technology.

Yabatech part-time Management courses

  1. Accountancy.
  2. Banking and Finance.
  3. Business Administration and Management.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Office Technology and Management.


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