Wells Fargo Mailing Address – Customer service

Wells Fargo Mailing Address - Customer service

Wells Fargo Mailing Address - Customer service

Wells Fargo Mailing Address: If you are a Wells Fargo customer, please add your account number in your correspondence. To locate the address of a Wells Fargo branch, use our Locator.


Wells Fargo Mailing Address

Corporate Offices
Wells Fargo
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Auto Loans
Wells Fargo Auto
P.O. Box 168048
Irving, TX 75016-8048

Checking and Savings Accounts
Wells Fargo Bank
P. O. Box 6995
Portland, OR 97228-6995

Consumer Credit Card Services
Wells Fargo Card Services
P.O. Box 51193
Los Angeles, CA 90051-5493

Home Equity
Wells Fargo Home Equity
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335

Please Note: If you want to contact us in writing to state an error or make an information request, you must use the address above.

Home Mortgage
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335

Please Note: If you want to contact us in writing to state an error or make an information request, you must use the address above.

Online Customer Service
Wells Fargo Customer Service
P.O. Box 560948
Charlotte, NC 28256

Student Loans
Wells Fargo Education Financial Services
P.O. Box 5185
Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5185


International Access Codes

  1. For personal accounts: 001-800-8693557.
  2. For business accounts: 001-800-2255935.
  3. For online customer service: 001-800-9564442.


Wells Fargo Text Scam: Text-messaging scams are rampant thanks to their simplicity for the scammers. Often, people who get them are unable to evaluate where they come from which means they can seem convincing. One scam is the Wells Fargo text scam, which is based on a text message from Wells Fargo patterned to steal your personal details. Here are the few things you need to know about the scam, as well as to guard yourself against becoming a victim.


Wells Fargo Mailing Address - Customer service
Wells Fargo Mailing Address – Customer service.


What Is the Wells Fargo Scam?

The Wells Fargo scam text involves unsorted text messages telling you that your account has been temporarily locked for safety reasons.

A variety of scam texts state the message moderately in different ways while making a big deal out of your account being locked. However, they all follow a related theme and can be spotted by hints such as slightly inaccurate grammar or spelling. They also contain a link which you are told to click in order to confirm if it’s you.


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How does the Wells Fargo Scam Work?

The Wells Fargo text scam is a phishing attempt that makes you worried that you’ve been locked out of your account. Instinctively, you look at the message and presume that something bad has occurred to your account (assuming you’re a Wells Fargo customer) so the scammer hopes to confuse you so you risk clicking the link.

If you tap the link, you will be asked to enter your personal information such as your account number or user name and even your passwords or credit card numbers. The reason why you are asked to provide these details is to prove who you say you really are. In actual existence, the scammers are abstracting your details to be used for identity stealing and other criminal reasons.


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How Do The Wells Fargo Scammers Find Victims?

Because Wells Fargo text messages can also be legal, they are selected prey for scammers trying their luck. All a scammer needs are to have a directory of non-specific numbers to SMS and they can easily work their way through the inventory, hoping someone will take the bait. It’s almost like playing lottery numbers. Eventually, you’re bound to hit a winning combination.


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Ways to Avoid Getting Involved In This Scam?

Wells Fargo alert text message spam is rarely avoided as it’s randomly targeted at victims. Besides scammers using random phone directories, it’s rarely hard to find someone’s phone number online, especially if you’ve signed up for multiple services that may have suffered data breaches.

All you can do is make sure to not share in the text message. Never click on the link and don’t respond to the message. By replying, you run the risk of texting a premium rate number as well as risk showing that the number is ‘active’ which may lead to more spam. If you receive one of these messages and you’re a Wells Fargo account holder, call the number on your statement or go straight to the Wells Fargo website to find the correct contact number.


I’m Already a Victim. What Should I Do

If you’ve received a text message allegedly from Wells Fargo and you are not certain on the next step to take, proceed directly to Wells Fargo on your web browser and sign in to your account to check for any formal messages there.

If you have wrongly given your details to scammers by tapping on the link in the text message, you need to contact Wells Fargo as quick as possible, and also modify your passwords.

You can as well report phishing messages directly to Wells Fargo.


ways to Avoid Wells Fargo Text Scam

As the Wells Fargo text scam often randomly chooses people, rather than focuses on specific phone numbers, it can be difficult to avoid ever receiving a message from a scammer. There are some crucial ways that lower your chances though.

  • Don’t give out your phone number unnecessarily. Many places online are desirous for you to give out your personal information in return for setting up different services. Don’t be too anxious to hand everything over, especially where phone numbers are related. Oftentimes, it’s not compulsory.
  • Review each text you receive carefully. Smishing attempts depend on you not paying full attention or immediately blindly accepting the message you have received. Be aware and look out for anything that doesn’t make sense to you. Trust your feelings.
  • Have an idea of how a company will contact you. Companies have several ways of getting in touch with you. Some will send messages while others don’t. Be conscious of how your company replies to things from you. If the company never sends text messages, then don’t reply to any assumed texts from them.
  • If uncertain, don’t get involved. Not sure about a message? Go to the certified website and check there, or examine your paper statement and if you have up to one, rather than tapping on links you obtained via text message. Go to the Wells Fargo site and sign-in to check happenings with your account.

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