6 Video Editing Software For Free 2023

Video Editing Software For Free

Video Editing Software For Free

Are you looking for the best Free video editing software with no watermark? if yes, then this article is for you.

My team and I have carefully put together some of the best video editing software tools in the market with amazing features.

These free Video editing software tools have some great features:

Video editor for PC, Video effects, Video timeline, Motion effects, Color correction, Audio extractor, Transitions, Text and titles, Background music, Export video, Video formats, Video creation process, Video tutorials, Video filters, Video export, Video sharing, Video editing modes, Video output formats, Video support, and Video compatibility.

Some of these free video editing software tools when you compare them to paid versions of the video editing software in many cases are just as good, if not better.

What are the top Video Editing Software For Free

Here are some of the best video editing software for free below:

1. Windows 10 Free Video Editor

Do you have Windows 10 installed on your laptop if yes, then go down to the search field on your taskbar and search for video editing.

After searching for video editing, At the right top of your computer you will see the video editing button click on it and start your editing.

with window 10 free video editing software tool you can drag and drop video files directly from your laptop, you can trim, split, background music, and add text.

2. OpenShot Video Editor

The OpenShot free video editor program is a software tool you can download on any platform whether it’s Windows, Linux, or Mac. To download and install the free Openshot video editor visit OpenShot.org and click on the download text here.

Once you finish the installation process it will take you to the Openshot video editor where you can start editing your video for free.

The OpenShot free video editor has some great features like drag-and-drop, inserting transitions, and inserting different effects

3. ShotCut Video Editor

Shotcut is among one of the best free video editing apps you can download this at Shotcut.org. Shotcut is free and it’s open source which works on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To download the Shotcut video editor software click on the download text at the top of the page.

After you finish with the installation, the next thing is to create a new project.

The Shotcut Free Video Editor app has features like drag and drop like other editing apps, With the Shotcut video editing app, you can add any number of tracks and audio tracks.

4. Kdenlive Video Editor

Kdenlive Video Editor is an open-source video editor that is completely free to use and it can work with all major platforms like Windows, Mac, or Linux. To download the free Kdenlive Video Editor visit their official website at kdenlive.org to install the software for free of charge.

The free Kdenlive Video Editor software has a beginner-friendly interface for new starters.

With the Kdenlive Video Editor, you have different features like drag and drop different files into the editor

Aside from the drag-and-drop features they also have different editing tools you can use that are similar to shortcut video editing software

5. CapCut

Cap Cut is an amazing free video editing tool that works on all devices Mac and PC. To download the CapCut free version visit their official website.

The CapCut video editing software has many different features you can use to give you a professional look when editing your video. Features like drag and drop, Text-to-speech, and background remover.

6. DaVinci Resolve

The Davinci Resolve 18 is a free video editing software, this amazing software is used by different TV studios and film studios.

To download the free Davinci Resolve 17 visit their official website to download and install the free version.

Video Editing Software For Free FAQ

Is free video editing software good enough?

Free video editing software is more than sufficient for 95% of people using social media instances with its Unique features which allow you to edit your videos to your taste.

All of the free video editing software recommended above lets you edit and merge several video clips, change the audio and visual components, and crop the footage to fit the screen size with a professional look.

How do I choose the free video editing software that’s right for me?

There are several free video editing apps available in the market carefully consider their features to determine which ones best suit your requirements.

Are you looking for something that is simple to export to social media platforms? Do you frequently employ picture-in-picture or green screen technology? Can you share the file with other authors without any difficulty if you collaborate a lot? Do you want to add a ton of effects and layers, or are you merely splicing together clips?

Here are some of the features you need to consider before making a choice of software:

Video quality, Video templates, Video projects, Video enhancements, Video file formats, Video timeline, Video rendering, Video editing apps, Video clips

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