How to get a Tuckwell scholarship 2023/2024

How to get a Tuckwell scholarship

How to get a Tuckwell scholarship

The Scholarship is established in 2013 by billionaires Graham and Louise Tuckwell, is supported by the largest-ever Australian gift to a university in Australia. Graham, an ANU alumnus, and Louise Tuckwell, a university medalist, have made history by supporting education in Australia with their contribution.

The Scholarship is a unique opportunity that enables extraordinary young people to realize their potential and positively impact the lives of others. It is so much more than a financial award. Are you looking for How to get a Tuckwell scholarship?

How to get a Tuckwell scholarship

The Tuckwell application scholarship goes through three stages:

  • Tuckwell scholarship stage 1

Stage 1- Opening in March 2023 and ending in April 2023.

In Stage 1, you are asked for personal information as well as specifics about your academic and extracurricular interests.

We will ask your Head of Year or an appropriate person for more information if, following submission, you are longlisted in Stage 1.

You will only be required to provide this information if the program contacts your Head of Year or equivalent.

The 150 candidates that advance to Stage 2 will be chosen using the data from this information.

  • Tuckwell scholarship stage 2

stage 2- will debut in May 2023 (3 PM AEST)

Longer questions in Stage 2 provide the Selection Panel with more information about you than just your accomplishments.

Additionally, your Principal’s recommendation is included. The program will get in touch with your principal, who must provide a reference by the deadline in May.

The 50 candidates that advance to Stage 3 will be chosen using the data from this information.

  • Tuckwell scholarship stage 3

stage 3- occurred July 2023

Stage 3 usually entails a face-to-face interview at ANU. However, in the last two years, interviews have been conducted online due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Candidates who have been shortlisted will receive specific information in mid-June. The Selection Panel will learn more about you during the interview, including how you best exhibit the Tuckwell qualities and your connection to and commitment to Australia.

Final applicants are chosen based on personal fit as well as a selection of a broad and balanced cohort of pupils. The 25 Tuckwell Scholars for 2024 will be chosen using the data from this article.

NOTE: We strongly suggest contacting potential referees long before the application deadline(s) so they can become familiar with the application procedure and begin gathering references as soon as possible.


Tuckwell Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered for a Tuckwell Scholarship beginning in 2024, candidates must:

  • Be qualified to use the ANU Direct Application system to apply to study at ANU in 2024.
  • start and finish Year 12 full-time in 2023, at an institution in Australia.
  • be at least 17 years old (born between February 21, 2003, and February 20, 2006) on February 20, 2024, which is the start of Semester 1, 2023.
  • by May 22, 2023, which is the deadline for Stage 2 applications this year, be an Australian citizen, an Australian Permanent Resident, or the holder of an Australian humanitarian visa, and have the requisite birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or visa.
  • should have an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 95 or greater, as anticipated by their school. If a student’s school projects that they will earn an ATAR of 90 or better, they may apply for a Tuckwell Scholarship even though they are eligible for consideration under the Educational Access Scheme (EAS).
  • having completed at least one high school English course or unit during at least one semester of Years 11 or 12, as well as at least one high school Math course or unit during at least one semester of Years 11 or 12.


Tuckwell scholarship stage 1 application form

If the ANU Direct Application asks if you want to apply for a Tuckwell Scholarship, you must choose “yes” if you desire to do so. Two business days after completing your ANU Direct Application, you will get an email requesting you to complete the Tuckwell Scholarship Stage 1 Application Form. As soon as you submit your ANU Direct Application, you can access the Tuckwell Scholarship Stage 1 Application Form.

Tuckwell scholarship dates

Tuckwell scholarship dates
Tuckwell scholarship dates

In order to apply for the Tuckwell Scholarship, you will need to complete and submit both the Tuckwell
Scholarship and ANU Direct Application forms, and ensure your referees have submitted their references by the deadlines listed on the Tuckwell Scholarship and ANU websites. No extensions will be granted or late submissions accepted.

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Tuckwell scholarship application guide

The application procedure to begin studies at ANU with a Tuckwell Scholarship in 2024 is summarized in this guide. Both Referees and Candidates will benefit from it.

Please be aware that this information may occasionally be modified, so before submitting your application or making an inquiry, you may want to make sure you have read the most recent version.


Tuckwell scholarship requirements

  • In the first semester of 2024, scholars must begin undergraduate study at ANU.
  • For the entire term of their Scholarship, Scholars are required to abide by the Tuckwell Scholarship Conditions of Award, as changed from time to time.

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Following a competitive selection process, 25 students from around Australia were chosen from a pool of approximately 1400 candidates, which is almost twice as many as the previous record. On the basis of their intelligence, character, leadership, and dedication to Australia, scholars were chosen.


Tuckwell scholarship advice

Through mentoring, events, and workshops, an experienced staff team supports scholars in locating opportunities, creating networks, and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Students have the chance to:

  • Take part in orientation activities to ease the transition to college life and Scholar life.
  • Receive one-on-one guidance from a seasoned Tuckwell Fellow.
  • Get assistance and guidance from the program staff and the head of Scholars House.
  • Learn from more experienced Scholars who can assist you in adjusting to life at ANU.
  • Attend alumni events to connect with other members of our global alumni network.
  • Enjoy Scholars House’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


Tuckwell scholarship attributes

You will exhibit a wide range of qualities as a Tuckwell Scholar that will put you in an excellent position to realize the Tuckwell vision. While we don’t necessarily anticipate you to possess all of these qualities, you will be judged against them during the application process.

  • smart and lateral thinker
  • self-disciplined
  • willing to challenge yourself
  • a good sense of humour
  • selfless
  • humble
  • resilient
  • innately driven and determined
  • emotionally intelligent
  • refreshingly different

Tuckwell scholarship medicine

The pursuit of endeavors that foster and sustain health and wellness is financially supported and encouraged for scholars.

Students can:

  • Receive a free annual membership to the ANU Fitness Center (worth $530) for the length of the scholarship OR funding of up to $450 for extracurricular activities promoting health and wellbeing.
  • Attend a free Mental Health First Aid course, which costs about $350.
  • Participate in the Scholars House’s health and wellness events.

Tuckwell scholarship money

You will receive the following benefits as a Tuckwell Scholar $23,000 annually (2022 rate), increasing with inflation each year for the duration of your full-time undergraduate degree program, to cover on-campus housing costs, books, and other living expenses.


Tuckwell scholarship contact

Please email the Tuckwell staff at [email protected] if you are a current Tuckwell scholar.

To learn more about this scholarship and the application procedure, prospective students may contact the Future Student Enquiry team at [email protected]

FAQ About Tuckwell Scholarship

Can I have a part-time job while I’m studying?

Scholars are allowed to work for pay, particularly in jobs in ANU residences where a residential scholarship is funded, as well as jobs that will advance the scholar’s career.

Can I leave my program under unusual circumstances?

In rare cases, a Scholar may submit a written request to the Head of Scholars House asking for permission to take up to one semester off from their Program. A written request detailing the unusual circumstances must be submitted by the Scholar.

What happens if I submit an application to study at another institution?

If a Scholar starts an application for undergraduate admission at another university or institution of higher education, they are expected to speak with the Head of Scholars House beforehand. Regardless of any other conditions, the Board may require the Scholar to reimburse 100% of the Scholarship funds received over the previous 12 months, including any travel and parents’ allowances, if the Scholar leaves the ANU to accept an offer to study at another university.

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