25 Science Courses in Yabatech For ND and HND 2024/2025

Science Courses in Yabatech For ND and HND
Science Courses in Yabatech For ND and HND

Are you a student looking for a Science course in Yabatech? if yes, then this article is for you.

Welcome to the exciting world of science at Yaba College of Technology. Yabatech science courses encompass many captivating subjects from physics and chemistry to biology and microbiology.

Taught by experienced faculty lecturers, the curriculum challenges students to think deeply and apply the scientific method.

Whether you seek to unravel mysteries of the universe or pursue healthcare, these courses provide a strong foundation in the natural sciences.

What Are the Science Courses Offered in Yabatech For ND Students

Here is a list of ND Full-time Science Courses in Yabatech:

  1. Agricultural & bio-environmental engineering
  2. Agricultural technology
  3. Architecture
  4. Building Technology
  5. Chemical engineering technology
  6. Civil engineering
  7. computer engineering
  8. computer science
  9. electrical engineering
  10. estate management & valuation
  11. food technology
  12. industrial maintenance engineering
  13. Marine engineering
  14. mechanical engineering
  15. mechatronics engineering technology
  16. metallurgical engineering
  17. nutrition and dietetics
  18. polymer technology
  19. printing technology
  20. quantity surveying
  21. science laboratory technology
  22. surveying and geoinformatics
  23. textile technology
  24. urban and regional planning
  25. welding & fabrication engineering

What Are the Science Courses in Yabatech For HND Students

Here is a list of HND Full-time Science courses offered in Yabatech:

  1. agricultural & bio-environmental engineering
  2. architecture
  3. Biochemistry
  4. building technology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Computer Engineering
  8. Computer Science
  9. Crop Production Technology
  10. Environmental Biology
  11. Estate Management and Valuation
  12. Food Technology
  13. Mechanical Engineering
  14. metallurgical engineering
  15. Microbiology
  16. Physics with Electronics
  17. printing technology
  18. quantity surveying
  19. industrial maintenance engineering
  20. surveying and geoinformatics
  21. textile technology
  22. urban and regional planning

Table showing Science Courses Offered in Yabatech for Both ND and HND

Science Courses ND Full time ND Part-timeHND Full timeHND part-time
Agricultural & bio-environmental engineering
Agricultural technology
Building Technology
Chemical engineering technology
Civil engineering
computer engineering
computer science
Crop Production Technology
Environmental Biology
Estate Management and Valuation
Food Technology
industrial maintenance engineering
Marine engineering
mechanical engineering
mechatronics engineering technology
metallurgical engineering
nutrition and dietetics
Physics with Electronics
polymer technology
printing technology
quantity surveying
science laboratory technology
surveying and geoinformatics
textile technology
urban and regional planning
welding & fabrication engineering

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Does YABATECH offer food science and technology?

Yes, Yaba College of Technology offers food technology as a course. The course is for both ND and HND full-time and part-time students who show an interest in studying this course to earn a degree.

Does Yaba Tech offer microbiology?

Yes, Yaba College of Technology offers Microbiology which is a science course. The course is for HND students only who did Science laboratory technology (SLT) in ND and want to further with a science-related course in HND.

Is Yabatech offering Science laboratory Technology?

Yes, Yaba College of Technology offers Science laboratory technology as a course. This course is one of the most sought-after courses in Yabatech. The course is for ND students who are both full-time and part-time.

Does Yabatech offer agricultural science?

Yes, Yaba College of Technology offers agricultural technology as a course. The course is available to ND full-time and HND part-time students.

Which course is under Science Laboratory Technology

The courses under Science Laboratory Technology are Biochemistry, Environmental Biology, and Microbiology. These courses are only available to HND students.

How many years is science Laboratory Technology?

The duration of the study period for Science Laboratory Technology in Yabatech is 2 years. This consists 6 semesters.


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