How Much Does Propresenter 7 Cost

How Much Does Propresenter 7 Cost
How Much Does Propresenter 7 Cost

The software is a cross-platform for the following operating system (Mac and Windows) which is used for live events for production and presentation.

The price of the Propresenter 7 is $399 which is the new seat that is licensed. 20% are discounted for five or more seats for the same license. A campus pack that includes 20 seats that are purchased by houses of worship will cost $999.

This amazing software absolutely shows slides, lyrics, and media, which makes live production easy and it comes out in high quality.

It is an all-important tool for various purposes which are worship gatherings, trade shows, conferences, sporting events, and studio broadcasts.

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ProPresenter 7 has a unique editor that comes with numerous tools to make your presentations pop. It may look rather alike, for the purpose of ease when in use and which is by design but you’ll see the differentiation and also see the intensity in a short period of time.

Slide Notes

Slide Notes
Slide Notes

The Slide notes have been remodeled and taken one step ahead to a more simple location at the lower part of the screen and they can also be formatted now too.

Dynamic Text Scaling

Dynamic Text Scaling
Dynamic Text Scaling

The text is scaled dynamically as it is illustrated above, whether you’re adjusting the size of the text box or including more text into a fixed-size text box.

 Visibility Links

Visibility Link
Visibility Link

It sets the condition of when the object will be shown uniquely and this is based on a particular benchmark that you decide to choose.

Shapes and Gradients

Shapes and Gradients
Shapes and Gradients

This will bring a whole new form of shapes and the chance to maneuver them is now available. You can start to fill it with drops of colors and this will let your inner star shine.

Linked Text Boxes

Linked Text Boxes
Linked Text Boxes

You can link one text box with another and this will enable you to have two boxes with identical content, but formatted separately for other outputs.

Guides and Rulers

Guides and Rulers
Guides and Rulers

The Pro7 gives more directions now to assist you get things just accurate and much quicker. The upgraded rulers and coordinates help even more in achieving zen. 

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All Caps and Line Fill for Windows

All Caps and Line Fill for Windows
All Caps and Line Fill for Windows

All the features that Mac has, Windows also have all the same features and it also involves the Capitalization offers.

Color Triggers

color Triggers
color Triggers

This will simply define what the color of the text in a precise text box needs to be at different countdown time breaks.

Data-driven text boxes

Data-driven Text Boxes
Data-driven Text Boxes

This will give you the opportunity to generate countdowns that are visible or have corresponding text that is configured in different patterns on one slide. You should use the linked text to link any slide object or timer to a box on a slide.

Pros and Cons


  • This gives you the leverage to deposit and sort all kinds of media types, and playlists for easy functionality during events.
  • The planning center online account can sync to it which will the opportunity to import our plans which will save loads of time and also effort.
  • The basics are very simple to learn. People have come across it difficult times before that have never encountered and in just a short while, we were able to show them the fundamentals.


  • The DVD function recently stopped scaling the video properly when our Mac Pro was updated to Mojave, so the Mac Pro should be updated so that you will be able to use it during services or any other events more than just the DVD player.
  • Another thing is when you search for a name of a song in the search bar multiple times that you should not, the documents that have the same keywords in them, the titles will show up before the actual song with the words you are typing in the search box menu.

How to get Propresenter to display on a projector

The Propresenter display on a projector can be easily displayed but you need to follow these simple steps and you must make sure you don’t skip any of these steps because the output will not work.

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Now let’s take a look at how you can your Propresenter to display.

1. Modifying the settings on your computer

What you should do first is to make sure your system preferences are correct.

Click on the left corner at the top of your screen On a Mac then scroll down to system preferences, then click on the display option.

Look out for a tab close to the top of the window which is called “Arrangements”. Make sure that the computer is able to see the external screens.

When the tabs are only showing the display and color signs, it means your computer will not be able to see another screen and you should make sure that the screen is plugged in and turned on. If the Arrangements tab is visible, click on it.

Look out for the option of ‘Mirror Displays” at the lower corner of the window and make sure it is turned Off.

On a PC, you should right-click on the desktop and select Desktop Properties or Screen Resolution. This might appear different according to your version of Windows.

Make sure you see two monitors at the top corner of the screen and set it to Extend and not Mirror.

2. Setting up your ProPresenter preferences

Open the Propresenter and look into the preferences and click on the display tab now that the screen has been corrected.

At the screen, you will see different boxes in the center of the screen. The box you will see with the white bar across the top represents your main monitor.

The important thing is that you should make sure that the output of the Propresenter is not set to the monitor.

If the white bar that is across the top is filled with black and it’s indicating Output in it, all you need is just to drag the output to the other box. Reset the Propresenter again if the output is stuck and will not drag over.

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3. Restart ProPresenter

You will want to restart the Propresenter at this time. After the restart, it will enable the screens to be aligned correctly.

4. Turn on the output

This is the final step and it is for you to turn on your output if it wasn’t set automatically. Make sure you look at the top right corner of the main Propresenter window for a blue circle that is labeled as Output. Make sure you click on this button to turn off or on your output.

The following short keys can also be used below:

Command-1 (Control-1 on Windows): Toggle the ProPresenter output

Command-2 (Control-2 on Windows): Toggle the Stage Display

Where Does Propresenter Store Files

The Propresenter stores files in the library and it is located in the center-left of Propresenter which contains all your files used in the software like your sermons, announcements loops, presentations, and bible passages.

To set them apart, you can categorize the files, and the files are treated the same by Propresenter with a few exceptions.

Where is the output Button on Propresenter 7

You will be able to set your device and the resolution you are using to send the screen signal in the Hardware tab in the Configuration window. To select the device and resolution that you will be sending the signal to, click the dropdown menu under Output. 

Can I use Propresenter on multiple computers?

You can use the Propresenter on multiple computers as long as it is from the same network group.

Is Propresenter a one-time purchase?

ProPresenter paid version starts at USD 399.00 and it is a one-time purchase.

Is there a free version of Propresenter

There is a paid and free version of the Propresenter but the free version comes with limited features, unlike the paid version which comes with multiple features to select from.

visit the official Propresenter website

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