21 Best Online Colleges For Working Parents

Best Online Colleges For Working Parents

Best Online Colleges For Working Parents

Are you looking for online Colleges for working parents? all you need is patience, balance, and suppleness. It will interest you that as a working parent, you can control your daily online school schedules with your job duties.

A working parent or caretaker who is able to work daily with a child on their schoolwork, connect with teachers, answering questions, meeting and keeping an eye on attendance and progress is called a Learning Coach, and you can get this at Connection Academy.

Online Colleges For Working Parents
Online Colleges For Working Parents

There can also be more than a coach appointed to help balance this role. Easing these daily lessons and assignments can be done by another adult or better still you can share some learning coach responsibilities with a partner who is supporting your students while you are at work. Different working schedules apply to parents so each can spend time with the students.


2021 Top Accredited Online Colleges for Working Parents

  1. Baker University
  2. Clarkson College
  3. Endicott College
  4. LeTourneau University
  5. Liberty University
  6. LocationAthens, OH
  7. LocationBaldwin City,
  8. LocationBeverly, MA
  9. LocationFort Wayne, IN
  10. LocationLongview, TX
  11. LocationLynchburg, VA
  12. location Nashville, TN
  13. LocationOmaha, NE
  14. LocationPhiladelphia, PA
  15. Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  16. Ohio University-Main Campus
  17. Thomas Jefferson University
  18. Trevecca Nazarene University
  19. Trine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses


How to Make online Colleges for Working parents work

Depending on your child’s age, if you think you can’t get any assistance you can seek an arrangement with some innovation and flexibility on everybody’s part. You can get few suggestions below on how you can make this possible:

Plan your child’s learning schedule around your work schedule. Making activities that need all the support and assistance from you is done during the time you are readily available to help your student. Choose your working time for self-reading and subjects your child can understand quickly.

Utilize to-do lists.  If a timetable is not clearly stated out, your child will be prone to get distracted or not reading through his or her books. give clear and strong instructions to your child for the times you will be away and also make them complete assignments as required.

Make use of planning tools. Planning tools gotten from an online school can go a long way to help combine your family calendar with your student’s Make sure your child learns how to manage the planner real early. by doing this, your child will be prompt to work with the teachers whether by going to all planned online classroom lessons or visiting the teacher’s virtual office time hours.

Be flexible. A time will come when you will support your child because he’s not able to complete his assignments, all you need to do is to make time for him to work on the assignment and also give him words of encouragement to work on things that are easier even when you’re not at home. For parents who are working full time, evenings and weekends will be the appropriate time to be a direct Learning Coach. Morning, Afternoon, or Evening may work best for you according to your schedule.

Planning ahead is also a thing that should not be forgotten so as to take time off from work or manage your personal timetable so as to allow your students to attend social gatherings like field trips and completing required state testing.

Take advantage of teachers and peers.   So many online schools with qualified teachers will work person-to-person with your child just to make sure your child grows intellectually and also help you the parent to organize your schedule. Motivate your child to always get in touch with the teacher for extra help if the need arises because it is an advantage to grab this resource. Your child can interact with other students through email, real-time, and even school discussion boards. You can motivate your child to pass through this method when trying to solve a task or a complicated assignment if you aren’t there to help the child.

Online schools allow parents who are working to actively participate in their child’s working parents to take an active part in their children’s remote schooling because online learning provides flexibility. Self-learning on their own schedule will be mastered which may also work with their parent’s schedule making all the days of the week for educational purposes. take note that submission of assignments can be submitted at any time of the day be it night or day.

If isolated learning seems new for your student and you, giving yourself time to modify to a new schedule will assist you immensely to find a new way of working together and you will watch your child making waves each day.


Why Online Colleges for Working Parents is A Good Option 

Going after a college degree can come with lots of challenges for working parents. Obtaining a college degree is not easy as it seems. Having an exhausting work schedule for working parents makes it even more difficult when you combine the college’s relentless series of deadlines, projects, and also tests.

These days, programs are rapidly being channeled by colleges and universities to nontraditional students. For example, working parents find online programs to be an excellent option for them because they offer the workability that working parents need also allow them to finish their degrees while still doing their job. Motivated learners can complete their degrees faster than traditional degrees where degree programs are offered by some online programs.


How Long Do Online Programs for Working ParentsTake?

Few months is all that is needed to obtain an online degree and about five years in the case of a certificate or more to obtain a Ph.D. while two years is for Associate and master’s programs, while bachelors degree programs take two years to obtain. The stretch of the program also depends on the number of transfer credits your institution will accept depending on whether you go on a part-time or full-time basis. Accelerated programs, transfer credits, life experience, and transfer credits are options are all the information a nontraditional student can get.

The accelerated degree program might not be offered by every online school but they can place working parents to speed up on their educational goals. Shorter timelines are used for accelerated options for college classes and also offer coursework all year rather than on a set semester schedule.

You may be able to complete a bachelor’s in the time frame of about a year in as much as you already have an associate degree. You can also complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees hand in hand as a learner through a popular accelerated bachelor’s degree program for working parents. These double degree formats can reduce the overall time, dedication and financial challenge students encounter while giving them a contending edge on the job market.

The cost of accelerated programs is almost the same as the traditional programs since the school fees are attached to the number of course credit a student completes. Visit and surf your preferred schools’ websites for concrete information on their accelerated degree options.

Credit for Life Experience and Prior Learning

Colleges and universities have made obtaining a degree more attainable to nontraditional students because they have started recognizing the importance of life experience by awarding work experience, military service, or life experience.

As a professional, if you have years of employment with a technology company, you may be given credit for a related course in your IT degree without assignments and modules.

To lower the cost and time commitment of a degree program, credit-for-experience programs can provide that. This process can require an enormous amount of time and work on the part of the students. You might be required to submit a detailed work portfolio or complete an exam to show that you’ve mastered a subject before giving credit.

Transferring Previous College Credits

Transfer credit opportunities can be an advantage for proposed college students because it will reduce the cost and time commitment of their degree.

Prior credit can be transferred by individuals that have an associate degree which can, in turn, fulfill about half of the credit requirement of a bachelor’s. Students should submit official transcripts from their former institution to their new institution to be able to transfer credits and they should also work intimately with an admission advisor to ensure acceptance.

To check if your prospective school can transfer your prior credits, exceptions, and issues may come up and may be attributed to a difference in the school’s accreditation, basic curriculum need, or mismatched course identity.


Online Colleges for Working Parents Scholarships

Series of scholarship opportunities can be located by nontraditional college students online through different foundations, organizations, or even private companies. One’s field of study can be required as eligibility, organizational membership, age, current employer, gaps in an educational timeline, or other life circumstances. Below are the ten scholarship opportunities you can take advantage of:

  • American Legion Auxiliary Non-Traditional Student Scholarship
  • Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Scholarships
  • College JumpStart Scholarship
  • EWI Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Scholarship
  • Jeanette Rankin Scholarship Fund
  • Lifetime Adoption Foundation Scholarship
  • Osher Reentry Scholarship Program
  • Pride Foundation Scholarships
  • Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation
  • Walmart Associate Scholarship Program


15 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Online Colleges for Working Parents

1. Keep a routine. Make sure you keep daily structure during this period because making changes can be stressful for kids. For them to focus on their classes and chores, you should work together so as to make it simple for them. Ensure to give them breaks so they can relax, enjoy the day, and also spend quality time together. Hanging their schedule on the door of their room or somewhere they can see it every morning.

2. Set regular bedtimes and wake-ups. It is important you have your child or teen flow with their accustomed school day/ weekend day sleep routine as recommended by NYU Langone Health. It can be a bit difficult to make them go back on the same sleeping routine once they start going back to school.

3. Be prepared. There are so many things you can plan for because you will not always be prepared for all-minute interruptions that might happen. Having a devoted learning space that comes with all the supplies your kid needs is one of the many things you can plan for. Ensure your internet can cater to enough people at the same time. Always check on your child during breaks, and most importantly do a practice run before the first day of classes.  it can be as good as regular education!

4. Take your child (virtually) to work. It will be an awesome idea to let your kids see how a day in your life looks like if you’re working from home. They might have an interest in your profession and also want to follow suit by making them get close and also encouraging them to ask questions.

5. Be flexible. You can support your child with their assignments or even practice the math lesson that seems very difficult with them by taking some time off after work. Talk to your child to always work on the easy subjects and they should wait for you to give them assistance on the difficult ones whether you find yourself at work or not.

6. Show interest in their day. Making your children tell you what they did in school by asking them and also allowing them to speak as long as they want will make them socialize and this will play an important role in the child’s development.

7. Provide positive feedback. Building a reward system can help motivate the children because most children miss reassurance from their teachers according to an article published by USA Today. If kids complete a task, you can reward them with a toy or allowing them to have extra playtime.

8. Use available online resources. To allow students to provide extra assistance and also clear up their doubts, many schools give the students the opportunity to work one-on-one with their teachers.  YOU can check if any school discussion boards are available or any online activities that will help the child continue learning.

9. Reduce distractions. If you allow your children to indulge in social media and web surfing that is not related to school kinds of stuff, it may harm your children’s performance especially when you’re not around to supervise them like when they are in school. A good idea is to limit the use of the device until after school hours.

10. Take breaks. Giving kids break is a thing you should do because they tend to find it hard to sit through an entire online class so it is normal to have breaks, in-between classes.

11. Lead by example. Work ethics like communication, being on time, accountability, responsibility, and initiative can all be thought at this moment because children tend to observe a lot, and working from home will allow them to teach valuable lessons.

12. Schedule a creative activity, game, or experiment. The best way through which kids learn is through play. Staying home should not be boring but you can engage them through different activities that will make the learning process going.

13. Connect to your children. Appreciating time to connect with your children is valuable because you will have time for your family for the time that is often lost due to our hectic lives according to psychologists.

14. Have dinner together. Coming together to have dinner as a family and also discussing each other plans will help to maintain a feeling of belonging and keep a schedule that is needed.

15. Take care of yourself. You should take care of your health and fitness so that your children’s wellbeing and education will not lack behind. The kids have structured systems and teachers, so don’t involve yourself totally in your child’s school routine.


10 Tips for Balancing Online Colleges for Working Parents with Work

When working parents work towards a degree, always have in mind any sacrifice you put into it is temporary. Having a lifelong commitment is associated with education but all the demands of coursework will come to an end very soon. Since you have these in mind, you should follow these to remember that any sacrifices made during this time are temporary. Education is a lifelong commitment, but the demands of coursework will soon come to an end. With that in mind, follow these tips to balance school with other daily responsibilities.

  1. Dedicate time to updating the calendar

It may look unessential to schedule time for a timetable but it is a helpful part of the time management process. If a calendar is obsolete with irregular tasks and timing, it’s not needed. If a calendar that is current can keep events from being overlooked which will enable your day to go in a smooth manner.

There was a test to ascertain if time management ability could predict college grade points and this study was published in the journal of Educational psychology. 90 college students completed a time-management questionnaire as part of the study. Their answers were reviewed by researchers along with Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores and also determined that time management was a better predictor of grade point average than SAT scores.

  1. Designate “schoolwork time”

While the kids are doing their homework, create a time of one to two hours every day to study. As a result of this, it will help everyone to have time for their work and allow multitasking as working parents can also work on their MBA studies while children can also complete their homework.

Be comfortable channeling some of your study time into helping your children with their homework. Children who do their assignments with their parents tend to have better grades than those who do their assignments in their homes this is according to a journal of educational research. In the study, assignments were completed by six classes with the aid of parents while assignments were completed by four classes without the aid or assistance of parents. Students who allowed family members all completed more numbers of assignments and gained fabulous higher report card grades.

  1. Let your professors know you are busy

Note that your professors also have duties out of the school and are also human. Most of them will understand the difficulties of managing both work and life and will be willing to give more time if they are informed of your busy schedule.

Your professor is part of your educational team so you should consider him. For instance in the office, when a team member is not aware of the project goals, it will show immensely the entire teams outcome. 97 percent of executives and even employees have this belief that bonding within a team has a great impact on a project according to a clear company survey.

  1. Ask for help

If you have this belief that you can merge work and life all by yourself, then you are making a big mistake as it may really look dangerous. Try splitting the workload instead of you taking on all the responsibilities. You should think of what you can achieve on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis and you should consider making a list of projects that you can assign to others easily. While you study, you can bring a babysitter to watch over your kids or you hire  a cleaner to do all household chores

Always remember to make the person, regardless of who may be helping, to make them feel they matter to you. Workers excel when their employer lays emphasis on the value of their work and this according to a research article published in the journal of Applied Behavioral Science. If you have any family member that is helping without collecting pay, lay emphasis on the way their help has been meaningful to your day and will always make themselves available for further help.

One of the busiest times of the day is when most people walk in your front door shortly before dinner time and time-consuming meal prepping can fall into homework time. You can save time by preparing different meals at once so that they s

just need to warm it at dinner time. Few tips for preparing meals include planning an entire week and also designate a cooking day and pre-chop vegetable

  1. Create an organized and dedicated study space

Look for a space in your home where you can study and do homework. Make sure the space is only for schoolwork. Make sure it is clean to remain productive so there will be no distractions that will hinder you from focusing on the work.

A study was conducted on how orderly and neat living can have an effect on our ability to focus and this research was conducted by Princeton University Neuroscience Institute and they found out that, when two or more stimuli are available in the same visual field, the clutter reduces the brain’s ability to process information.

  1. Review course syllabus and plan ahead

Syllabus outlines will generally include course policies, required texts, and a schedule of assignments. As soon as the syllabus is available, read through it and add each quiz and assignment deadline on your calendar. By doing this, you are sure of not scheduling other events around your test time or other events and assignments.

Review the syllabus as soon as it is available and add each quiz and assignment deadline as an event on your calendar. This will reduce the likelihood of scheduling other events around a test or an important assignment. With advance planning, you can ensure that you will have enough time to prepare for important events.

  1. Write clear and realistic goals

Writing down test grades, extra credit, or project completion time, will enable you to set realistic educational goals. This habit may increase productivity in the form of the goals you want to accomplish and this is according to a Dominican University.

Researchers employed 267 participants from different kinds of businesses and networking groups and found out that about 70 percent of the participants who submit weekly written updates got their goals or almost came close but only 35 percent of participants who did not send any written report came even close to achieving them.

  1. Set aside time to relax and recover

Set aside time in your schedule to get a nice relaxation and to also take care of yourself.  A jam-packed schedule can bring stress, so it is important you dedicate time to relax and revitalize between hectic days. You should also try to commit yourself to an entire day of rest, getting a massage, or yoga class.

When you are busy and you take time off, it looks illogical but vacation can improve work productivity. People with more paid vacation days in other countries may more likely work at a quicker pace and also have extra quality focus and this is according to a Harvard Business Review Study.

  1. Make friends with other students

One easy way to connect, unload, and share time management tips in class is having friends. Looking for similar friends in class also gives time for busy students to connect without additional social time.

If you are always around a friend at a stressful time, cortisol levels can actually decrease which is an indication that stress level has also decreased and this study is from One small American Psychological Association. 100 students between 10 to 12 ages were selected to write down their feelings in a journal five times a day and it should be over the course of four days.

They were asked to indicate if they spent time alone or with friends, siblings,s or parents. Cortisol levels gathered from the children were tested by the researchers and found out that the children that got an unpleasant experience while their best friend did not produce as much cortisol as they did when they experienced it alone. Keeping stress levels not to become high is by making friends in class.

A challenging experience is coupled with going back to school while working and parenting at the same time but it can also be rewarding. To multitask and manage stress, follow all these tips above and also remind yourself why you want a degree.


Frequently Asked Question About Online Colleges for Working Parents

Are online degrees respected by employers?

Graduates of online degree programs receive the same diploma and respect as their on-campus counterparts. Most employers accept online college that is accredited without issue.

How much money will I make with an online degree?

Nevertheless, college graduates generally earn more incomes than high school graduates, an individual’s potential salary depends upon their field of study, their location, and their career choice.

Are online degrees easier than traditional programs?

Online courses for working adults require the same level of commitment as traditional classroom courses. However, eLearning can be even more difficult, as many individuals have to deal with work and additional obligations simultaneously.

Are online degrees cheaper?

Tuition for online degrees typically costs about the same as a traditional program. Students can significantly save money on college costs; however, by avoiding campus fees, room and board, and meal plans.

Are online Degrees quicker than traditional programs?

Accelerated programs allow students to complete their degrees quicker than traditional programs. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree while working full-time may prefer to enroll on a part-time basis, which increases degree completion time.

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