30 Best Online College For Moms      

Online College For Moms

Online College For Moms

Are you looking for Online College For Moms? you have lots of consideration more than the average student. Raising a child is considered a full-time job, but most parents can balance their jobs and still look after their children, attending online college will come with its own challenge. Getting your own job, moving your family to a new location, and hoping for a new child care facility in the area is another major problem.

The above mentioned are just a few challenges facing parents who are returning to college. Many parents who want to return to online college are doing it just for the purpose of their children. It will be better you get a good job with good pay that will cater for their children all through their college years. Going to college should be something you are dedicated to if this is what you want.


30 Best Online College For Moms      
30 Best Online College For Moms

The college can help with the responsibility of the child care ideally.  You are going to pay for the best education you can get because college is expensive.  Learning without worrying about your child should be a service that will be included in your fee.

Some colleges will be in a more child-friendly environment than others naturally. Looking for the one that can help students with learning and is still located in an ideal environment for you? We will list the best 30 online colleges in America.

Hopefully, at least one of the colleges listed below will be a great choice for online college attendance. The online colleges listed below will let everyone get a high-quality education and also makes the children of the students happy irrespective of whether you are a single parent, married, male, or female. If you think none of the online schools that are listed below is the right choice for you, it will still show you the right things you can look out for in your own online college choices.

Thank goodness for online colleges because Online colleges have opened the gates of higher learning to moms who are willing to return to school again. Moms now have a second shot at college.

Most moms who are planning to upgrade their career opportunities now have the opportunity to do that because they were not able to complete their college degrees. They can now juggle their work and family responsibilities.

How is that possible?  It’s because online colleges offer more flexibility than traditional colleges.

Moms can now balance work, family, and school together all thanks to online school programs as this was not the case a few years ago.

Consider these facts: Women comprise 70% of online school students. Moms account for 71% of all students who are categorized as parents.

Facts to consider: Women sum up about 70% of online school students. Out of the 70%, moms are about 60% of all students who are in the category of parents.

This is why it is one of the factors online colleges are on the rise. Online colleges also have a particular learning environment that seems to be also effective as a normal traditional classroom setting. The result gotten from both virtual and traditional classroom settings is the same given by research.

Online colleges have greatly earned a high reputation of honesty as the traditional colleges over the years. Employers are beginning to understand the expense of distance learning especially for parents who want to have a balance between work and family while they want to finish a degree program.

You are on the right path if you are thinking of returning to college to boost your career opportunities through an online college program.

When there are children to care for, it could be difficult for anyone who is going back to the classroom because of the time they have been away. This is what many mothers think because there will not be enough time to commit themselves to both their children and also a degree program.

The number of moms returning to school is on the rise and it is reassuring. 17 percent of mothers in the U.S.  complete their education after their kids are born and this is according to an analysis published in Population Research and Policy Review.

Facts have it that when you dig deep into it, many students who are parents are women. 22 percent of all undergraduate students are all raising independent children. Research has it that women make up about 70 percent of all student-parents and roughly 43 percent of the student-parent population are single mothers and this is according to the Institute For Women’s Policy Research.

Women who have walked the path of an online school are often the best source of inspiration and they can give tips and advice to aspiring students like you and you should also count yourself lucky for that.


The Top 30 Best Colleges For Moms Are:

  1. Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH
  2. Berea College, Berea, KY
  3. Brigham Young University, Laie, HI
  4. Champlain College, Burlington, VT
  5. College of Saint Mary, Omaha, NE
  6. Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY
  7. Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
  8. Endicott College, Beverly, MA
  9. Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI
  10. Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, Cloquet, MN
  11. Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
  12. Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles, CA
  13. Mills College, Oakland, CA
  14. Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN
  15. Misericordia University, Dallas, PA
  16. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA
  17. Portland State University, Portland, OR
  18. Saint Catherine’s University, Saint Paul, MN
  19. Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX
  20. University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
  21. University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  22. University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA
  23. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  24. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Amherst, MA
  25. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI
  26. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN
  27. University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI
  28. University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, La Crosse, WI
  29. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
  30. Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA

You need to know these 4 important messages for moms who are returning to school.

Examining how further your career can benefit your family is a critical thing you should consider before even getting advice from moms who returned to school.

Harvard Study reports that working mothers with daughters are likely to complete more years of education and be more likely employed as adults, and even occupy more supervisory roles and earned high income throughout their working years. In addition, sons of working mothers are more likely to share the burden when it is general household duties like childcare.

The guilt you may feel as a result of the time and energy you devoted towards your education will begin to reduce because that thriving career after graduation can also set your kids to success.

Take a look at the four piece of advice below from women completed their degree after returning to school because your journey back to school as a mom will come with challenges.

  1. Looking for a network that supports you will be fantastic and you can always count on
  2. Do not give in to fear of failing
  3. Always focus on your end goal and never lose sight
  4. Persistence and hard work will eventually pay off

Taking care of your children as a single mom is not easy because in most cases you are also going to provide for them. When child support is not sufficient, many single mothers can go as far as working two full-time jobs just to take care of their children.

Some single mothers lack the educational qualification and credentials to secure a better job so as to meet ends meet of their children. Obtaining a college degree that is appropriate can give them the edge to a better life for both single mothers and their children.

There are enough degrees available for women that want to balance motherhood with school and these are degrees that you can choose from:

Recommended Programs For Moms Going Back To College

  1. Hospitality Management

Working in the hospitality field comes with its challenge but it is also exciting and has a number of benefits. When you have a degree in hospitality management, you will have the skill and experience to run a hotel or resort and also provide guests with a comfortable and exciting experience.

As a single mother who initially worked in the food industry as a waitress or hostess, they may have some of the skills that are needed in hospitality and may even consider obtaining a hospitality management degree. You can receive a high salary and work in high-profile hotels if you have a degree in hospitality management.

  1. Education Administration

If you want to work in management positions of a school, then an administration degree is what you need.  As an administrator educationist, you will screen and hire teachers, meet with parents to discuss certain issues, and implement policies to achieve better results for students. If you want to be a school principal, a superintendent, or even work in the admission office, a master’s degree in education administration is necessary for most states for single moms. Those moms who are talented, motivated, and are good managers may find a career in education a consideration.

You can work in the same school your child attends so as to ease the burden of your child’s schooling because it comes with great demands as a single mom. The mom does not have to bother going to pick up the child after school hours because they will both go home after school.

Obtaining a degree also gives the mother better opportunities to cater to their children, and also sharpens the value of hard work and education. While it takes few years to obtain the degree, the time spent is worth it.

It’s not too late as a mom if you want to pursue a college degree. There are many online schools who provide the different program you can select from to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Aside from other factors such as reputation and accreditation, flexibility is a critical aspect for moms when it comes to choosing an online school.

If you are skeptical about an online school to choose from, there are a lot of resources on the internet that will guide you. Moms should take time researching for an online school that fits them.

  1. Paralegal Studies

Paralegal studies is a study that takes care of a great deal of lawyers day to day business and it is also called legal assistants. They prepare for trials, mediation, and other important legal procedures. Lawyers frequently rely on paralegals to draft arguments and analyze cases, so a solid understanding of the law is a prerequisite for the job.

Because paralegals can do some of their work from home, and the hours are regular, it is a good job for a single mother who has to set aside time for parenting as well. During important court cases, paralegals may need to work overtime, but most law firms will offer flexible scheduling to ensure their staff can balance work and home demands.

Today, there are many programs that offer training in becoming a paralegal, and lawyers increasingly request some formal training before hiring a paralegal, so a degree in paralegal studies can be important for those wishing to enter this field. Luckily, these degrees can be completed entirely online and in just two years, so single mothers won’t have to wait long to start their new careers.

  1. Accounting

Accountants are always in demand, and obtaining a degree in accounting is a great way to ensure plentiful job opportunities for those who like to work with figures. Single mothers with a good head for numbers and a businesslike demeanor should consider becoming certified public accountants (CPAs), as the position will give them a great deal of choice and flexibility in their careers.

Accounting degree programs prepare students for the Uniform CPA Examination, which is required for licensure, and many businesses require the degree in new hires. Job growth for accountants is expected to be excellent for the foreseeable future, and opportunities will abound. For those who can handle the coursework, an accounting degree is a very solid choice.

Accounting also offers a clear path for advancement. Single mothers can start with an associate’s degree in business or accounting and start working. Once employed in the accounting field, it’s possible to find a company that will pay for continuing education, so mothers don’t have to struggle financially while advancing their careers. Many schools offer a combined bachelor’s and master in accounting program, which lets students count advanced undergraduate coursework towards a graduate degree. This double-counting of classes allows busy moms to earn a master’s degree quickly.

  1. Opticianry

Opticians are professionals who assist people who are in need of glasses and contacts, suggest and adjust frames, and prepare lenses. They also give measurements to people to make glasses on individuals’ faces, and their job entails some level of skill in sales. Single mothers who are comfortable in a clean working space and also have great communication skills can find opticianary a great option for them.

It only takes two years to obtain a degree in opticianry and this also provides students to practice as dispensing opticians. The degree demands extensive real-time training so almost all the classes are done during working hours, moms can still get their children to prepare for school and still spend the evenings with their families.

You do not require any accreditation and most employers prefer it, Licence is demanded by a number of states so those of you who want to start the degree should obtain opticianry degree. Workers are retiring and people are needed to fill such vacancies, opticians have many job opportunities and those with credentials shouldn’t be lacking for a job.

  1. Physician Assistant

These are professionals that practice medicine under the supervision of a physician and perform sophisticated tasks such as treating and examining patients. Two years is all you require to obtain a Physical Assistant and it is far much lesser than a medical degree. The job is greatly compensated and you can earn about $75,000 per year for recently graduated PAs. High expectation of service is required particularly in communities where there are low numbers of doctors to patients.

There is a great benefit a single mother stands to get when she completes a PA degree. She will be well-positioned to cater to her family and also work in a rewarding, respected position. A PA can choose the job location and work time that is best for her family because they are highly trained medical professionals. Many PAs can have the option to choose when to work whether part-time because their children are still young and they can later switch to full-time once their families are grown and are more independent.

  1. Health Information Technician (HIT)

Those who have training in this field are in high demand because jobs in medical records and health information are growing fast. You will need a proper credential because most employers prefer those who have it. A health information technician degree is necessary for those who want to work in medical billing, record keeping, and data.

The role of a health information technician is to make sure patient’s records are private and they also give vital important medical information available to nurses and physicians. It is a very important job, and qualified HITs are considered very valuable employees given to the technological sophistication of medicine today.

As a single mother who is interested in working in the medical field, but doesn’t have the time for a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree, they can start their medical career with a health information technician degree. Most HIT work can be done remotely, so employers are often willing to bargain work-from-home hours to accommodate high-performing employees.

  1. Dental Assistant

The role of a dental assistant is to provide the necessary assistance by treating patients, helping with office work, and taking care of equipment. They also have the experience to perform some dental procedures themselves, and also assist the dentist during oral surgery, restoration, and cavity filling. To be certified with the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) credential, which is awarded by the Dental Assisting National Board, you need to obtain a dental assistant degree. Certified dental assistants will find job opportunities to be great, and most positions give good vacation time and health benefits.

The clinics are situated in the community which gives room for more easy access to the home. It is a short timing to get a degree in dental assisting which also lets single moms have comfortable, steady, employment and a great future. Most dental offices work part-time or on a compressed workweek without so much workload and can have one to two days off which enables them to follow their children on school field trips or volunteer in the classroom. They can also work in two or more clinics just to earn more income.

  1. Executive Assistant

The role of an executive assistant is to make sure staff and executives are informed about important information. They also handle important work for business executives, such as drafting documents, coordinating meetings. More people are finding jobs as virtual assistance who are able to work from home which wasn’t the case a few years ago. For single moms who want to balance work and home life, and want to be close to their children, this degree is perfect for you. Though executive assistants work for lengthy hours, they can also accommodate family life.

One example is that an executive assistant may need to work traditional business hours to allocate meetings, meet with their executive and provide real-time support, but other work, like replying to emails or typing up meeting notes. As an executive assistant, you can be well paid for the work you do and this can be a fantastic career for moms who are hard-working and also want a high income.

For this kind of career, a degree is not that needed but employers prefer hiring someone who has some level of education and an executive will prefer placing candidates at the front of the hiring line. If you are a single mom that is responsible, well organized, and professionally minded, an executive assistant degree can give you a solid job in business.

  1. Travel Management

If you have a degree in travel management, you will be trained as a travel agent to carry out the role of organizing trips for clients, offering advice, and finding good deals for your clients. As a travel agent, you are expected to have full knowledge of destinations, accommodations, and clients’ specific needs.  Oftentimes, travel agents receive special offers from travel companies, such as heavy discounts on cruises, free airplane tickets, or free upgrades at hotels, so this career can make family vacations more affordable.

If you have good organizational skills, punctuality, and the ability to close sales with clients then you are a good travel agent. Most work of a travel agent can be done from home because of technology and this can be very convenient for single moms. One common thing among travel agents is that they can be self-employed which allows them to schedule meetings.

Most employers will rather prefer hiring someone with experience as a travel agent. If you want to go into travel management, then obtaining a degree is important.


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