When is the NLNG Scholarship Exam 2022/2023

When is the NLNG Scholarship Exam

When is the NLNG Scholarship Exam

Have you recently been given a scholarship offer from NLNG for undergraduates? or do you want to know When is the NLNG Scholarship exam?

The NLNG scholarship exams commence immediately after the form is closed. The deadline for NLNG scholarship application is Monday, 18th, April 2022.

Because education and human capital development are integral and crucial to a country’s development.

Three main levels of scholarship programs are offered by NLNG:
  • NLNG post-primary scholarship
  • NLNG undergraduate scholarship
  • NLNG postgraduate scholarship

The three scholarship levels mentioned above promote academic achievement and aid in Nigeria’s human capital development.

NLNG post-primary scholarship

The program’s goal is to make post-primary education more accessible to high-achieving basic six students in the company’s host communities.

The post-primary scholarship program began in 2012 with 28 recipients and by 2019 has expanded to 342 beneficiaries, spending N825,300,000 ($2.697m) in total.

To apply for the post-primary scholarship Applicants are accepted to the program by submitting an online application on the company website and meeting the advertising requirements.

The best top prospects are then added to the scheme via a selection test.

NLNG post-primary Scholarship Requirements

  1. Be a native of the host community for NLNG
  2. being in grades 5 or 6
  3. Give the outcome of the Basic Five Result
  4. Not be a dependent or child of Nigeria LNG Limited employees
  5. A letter of identity from his or her local government council should be provided
  6. as a letter of confirmation from an indigenous person that has been signed by the CDC Chairman or Chief in the community.
  7. A letter of attestation from the head teacher of the applicant’s school, signed and stamped, is required.

NLNG undergraduate scholarship

In 1998, this was established as a crucial part of our education intervention program for our host communities, and in 2003, it was made available to the rest of Nigeria.

The program has helped 3,416 undergraduate students from different universities in Nigeria, and N768.9 million ($2.5130 million) has been invested in it.

In 2012, the introduction of online applications and the use of social media (Facebook) for information dissemination improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the selection process while also raising knowledge of the Scheme.

The value of each NLNG undergraduate scholarship award is N150 000 per year for the duration of the recipient’s course.

Beginning with the 2018–19 school year, the program was changed from 150 beneficiaries per year to 300.

NLNG undergraduate scholarship Requirements

  1. being a Full-Time certification at the time of application, a first-year student at any university in Nigeria
  2. possessing the highest possible score on the Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board (JAMB) test
  3. not hold any other scholarship awards from organizations or businesses.
  4. Not be a Nigeria LNG Limited employee’s spouse, child, ward, or another close relative.
  5. possess a superb or really good score on just one of your National Examination Council (NECO) or West Africa School Certificate (WASC) exams

How to apply for NLNG undergraduate scholarship

To apply for the NLNG scholarship Here is a step-by-step Guide on how to apply:

  • Visit the official NLNG Scholarships website and choose a form for the applicable category.
  • Choose a category. Undergraduate, post-primary, overseas postgraduate
  • After choosing a category, clicking “REGISTER” will take you to the application form.
  • When you have finished filling out the form, click “SUBMIT.” Please reread the form to ensure that all of the information is accurate before you submit it.


NLNG overseas postgraduate scholarship

With an annual admission of 15 beneficiaries to study in prestigious UK universities, this program was introduced in October 2012.

The NLNG overseas postgraduate scholarship grant is worth USD67,500 for each recipient and each study. The actual cost per recipient, however, varies depending on the study program from USD45,000 to USD67,500.

The NLNG overseas postgraduate scholarship scheme covers these areas of study:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Geology
  • Banking
  • Law
  • Medicine

The recipients of the 2019 awards have started their programs in various universities in the UK. The program has so far helped 78 people for a cost of N1.308 billion ($4.27 million).

NLNG overseas postgraduate scholarship Requirements

  1. not older than 30 years old
  2. IELTS score of 8.0 or higher
  3. Finished the NYSC program
  4. being Nigerian citizens who live in Nigeria
  5. Present your LGA-issued identity documents.
  6. having the ability to acquire a tier-4 visa after being successful
  7. not be related to Nigeria LNG Limited employees directly.
  8. possess a degree in a related field of study with at least a 2nd Class Upper.
  9. if chosen, provide proof that they’re available to go in September 2018


NLNG Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Scholarship

Unfortunately, the lack of security in North Eastern Nigeria has led to a big population of weak people.

By providing scholarships to 30 individuals, this program was created to support the Federal Government’s efforts to restore Nigeria’s North-Eastern region 10 from each of the IDP camps in the three states worse hit by insurgency:

  • Adamawa,
  • Borno,
  • Yobe

This prize is for supporting secondary school students.

The latest update on the NLNG scholarship

Interested applicants of the NLNG scholarship should take note of the following information:

  • Ensure that all of your contact information is up to date and that anyone can reach you.
  • Ensure that all required documents are attached and uploaded.
  • Thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

Free NLNG scholarship sample questions

1. A small group of people who are involved in secret plans to get political power.
a. Coup
b. Cabal
c. Stalwart
d. Dissident

2. The job of writing a dictionary.
a. Lexicography
b. Cartography
c. Bibliographer
d. Philology

3. Sule is known for his misogynism
a. Hatred for mankind
b. Love for gymnastics
c. Hatred for women
d. love of women.

4. Our teacher has effervescent behavior.
a. Antagonistic
b. Complacent
c. Enthusiastic
d. Unwanted

5. He enjoys the hurly-burly of political debates.
a. Confusion
b. Tranquility
c. Turbulence
d. Joy

6. She started off being quite matey with everyone.
a. Amiable
b. Unfriendly
c. Harsh
d. Pleasant

7. Which of the following words below is correctly spelled?
a. Kwashiorkor
b. Kwashiorkor
c. Kwashiorkor
d. Kwashiorkor

8. How many patients from this sample suffered from depression in 1995?

A. 1150 patients
B. 1155 patients
C. 1375 patients
D. 1455 patients
E. 1535 patients
Correct Answer: C
55% of the 1995 sample suffered from depression. Does the sample consist of 2500 participants ?
0.55 = 1,375 patients suffered from depression in 1995.

9. From the sample, how many fewer patients suffered from Bipolar disorder between 2000 and

A. 225 patients
B. 250 patients
C. 350 patients
D. 375 patients
E. 400 patients
Correct Answer: B

Tips For Writing NLNG Scholarship Examination

The Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) for the NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship Aptitude Test consists of multiple-choice questions broken down into the following categories:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • logical test
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Arithmetic
  • English test
  1. First off, try not to give any questions too much time. As a result, respond as promptly as you can to any inquiries that you may have.
  2.  Always read the question completely. Before starting to respond, make sure you are clear on what is needed.
  3. Plan out your responses to inquiries in as much detail and haste as you can.
  4. In addition, after finishing a page, proceed on to the next page without waiting to be instructed.
  5. On the day of the exam, remain composed as well. If you remain composed rather than becoming anxious and agitated, your chances of succeeding are higher.

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