Leakey Foundation Research Grants Application, Requirement, and Amount 2024

Leakey Foundation Research Grants
Leakey Foundation Research Grants

The Leakey Foundation Research Grants only provide funding for studies on human ancestry. Funding for promising new research projects that align with the Foundation’s declared goal is often allocated to their exploratory stages.

With a funding cap of $20,000, most Research Grants from The Leakey Foundation go to doctorate candidates, often costing between $3,000 and $15,000. Up to $30,000 in larger grants may be awarded to post-doctoral and senior scientists.

The funding caps were raised to $20,000 for PhD candidates and $30,000 for senior scientists and post-doctoral researchers starting in May 2022.

Leakey Foundation Research grants Eligibility Requirement

Research grants from the Leakey Foundation Research Grants are available to experienced scientists and advanced doctoral candidates (advanced to candidacy, all except dissertation).

All applications must be submitted in English, however, there are no limits based on citizenship.

How to Apply for the Leakey Foundation Research Grants

To prepare the attachments you will upload to your new application, please refer to the application guidelines and thorough application instructions. Then apply online using the buttons on this page.

Formal Application

To Apply for the Leakey Foundation Research Grants Research Grants a written application is needed. Give the Foundation a call at least one month before the application deadline if you have any questions about the eligibility of your research project.

You must make it clear in your application how your endeavor relates to our understanding of human origins.

Verify you have the most recent information by getting in touch with the Foundation office. Fill out the official form in English.

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Legible and reproducible application is required. These requirements must be followed in all of your application’s PDF parts. Please follow these formatting guidelines for all applicants.

Tips for Submitting Leaky Foundation Research Grant Application

Applications that don’t follow these guidelines won’t be considered for review:

  • In PDF format, the page size appx. 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • Dark (black) type
  • At least 12-point typeface (typeface this size or larger)
  • At least 1/2 inch margins

Don’t try to use smaller typefaces or margins in an attempt to fit more content on a page.
Concerns about readability take precedence over the total page count for each part.
Only in the reference list are smaller typefaces permitted.


To complete the Leakey Foundation Research Grants application, carefully read the instructions and follow them. The application will be returned to the applicant for correction and postponed until the following granting session if it is not completed correctly.

It is critical that you fulfill all requirements. Please refer to our Detailed Application requirements for information on the length and format of proposals.

Who Should Apply

The project should be submitted under the graduate student’s name and will be subject to the funding restrictions for Ph.D. candidates if the graduate student you are the advisor for will handle the majority of the project’s work.

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Leakey Foundation Research Grant Cost Support

  • food and lodging, per diem
  • expendable supplies, travel
  • airfare, local or ground transportation fees
  • park or museum personnel
  • justify in the project description
  • special analysis costs
  • C14, SEM, pollen analysis, etc.
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Leakey Foundation Research Grants Aim and Believe

The Leakey Foundation expects results and data from projects it funds to be released on time. The Foundation, like other funding organizations and journals, believes that accountability, transparency, and openness are crucial components of the scientific process.

The Leakey Foundation also seeks to encourage data sharing in a way that is suitable, and in line with our grantees’ needs, while acknowledging that various academic disciplines call for various approaches to data sharing.

Each application must provide a statement (no more than one page) outlining their plans to share the data generated by their Leakey Foundation funding with other parties.

A more thorough plan than just a desire to publish or give a talk at a conference needs to be included in the data-sharing declaration. Kindly refer to the comprehensive application guidelines for precise instructions about the data-sharing statement.

Leakey Foundation Research Grant Important Dates

Granting Cycle Due Dates

  • Fall – July 15
  • Spring – January 10


  • Fall – December 15
  • Spring – May 15

Leakey Foundation Research Grant Contact Details

  • The Leakey Foundation 1003B O’Reilly Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA 94129-1359 USA
  • Telephone: (415) 561-4646
  • FAX: (415) 561-4647
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Leakey Foundation Research Grant Deadline

All necessary documentation must be sent by the specified closing date of January 10 and July 15 in order for your application to be approved for review.

Visit The official Scholarship Website:

Leakey Foundation Research Grants

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