Kdenlive Video Editor System Requirements 2023

Kdenlive Video Editor System Requirements

Kdenlive Video Editor System Requirements

Kdenlive is a free open-source cross-platform video editing software tool that has a simple interface for beginners.

This software tool has some professional features you can make use of when editing your videos. This video editing program is made by the KDE

What are the minimum requirements for a Kdenlive video editor?

Kdenlive Video Editor System Requirements:

Operating system

  • Windows 7 with 64-bit
  • Apple macOS 10.15
  • M1, 64-bit Linux


  • 4 cores for HD video
  • 8 cores for 4K-Video
  • 2 GHz core for SD-Video


  •  4 GB for SD-Video
  • 8 GB for HD video
  • 16 GB for 4K-Video.


  • OpenGL 2.0
  • Card with compatible DirectX 9 or 11 drivers.

How to Resize a Clip with Kdenlive Video Editor

To resize a clip with the Kdenlive Video Editor software tool you either drag it from the left or right to get the perfect size of what you want.

In a situation where you want a more precise resize shape, you can put the timeline cursor where you want the resize to start and end using the menu 

  • Timeline ‣ Resize Item Start (default shortcut)
  • Timeline ‣ Resize Item End (default shortcut)

To get a direct control length of a video clip double click it in the timeline and the duration length using the clip duration dialog.

Another option is for you to resize a video clip by cutting with the Razor tool, after that you can delete the areas you don’t want.

To resize a clip use Shift + resize to independently resize the audio or video portion of an AV clip.

The audio or video portion can be independently moved to another track by pressing alt + Move in the timeline.

Is there a paid version of Kdenlive?

There aren’t any license costs, registration or subscription fees, or locked-in premium features that cost money to access the Kdenlive video editor.

how to cut a video in kdenlive

The simplest method you can use for cutting a clip is to position the timeline cursor where you want it to be cut, After then you can now use the Timeline ‣ Current Clip ‣ Cut Clip menu (default shortcut: Shift + R) to choose the clip and cut it. Or, utilize the Spacer Tool as an alternate.

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How to add text to video in kdenlive

Here are the steps you can follow when adding text to a video in Kdenlive:

1. Import your video clip

To add text to your video in Kdenlive, the first thing is to import the video clip to which you want to add text. You can use the “Project” menu or drag the video file into your project to accomplish this.

2. Add a title clip

To insert text, create a title clip by going to the “Project” menu and selecting “Add Title Clip.” This process will add a new title clip to your project timeline.

3. Edit the title clip

To edit the title clip Double-click on the title clip in your timeline to open the title editor.

Here, you can enter the text you want to add and customize its font to your choice, size, color, and positioning.

4. Animate the text

Kdenlive give you access to animate your text for more dynamic effects. You can add keyframes to control text movement and opacity over time.

5. Export your video

Once you’re satisfied with the text placement and animation, You can now export your video with the added text using the “Render” or “Export” options in Kdenlive video editing app.

How do I export an edited file from Kdenlive?

Exporting an edited file from Kdenlive entails rendering, or the other way around. The project timeline containing all of the edited clips is transformed into a single, comprehensive video file during rendering.

Kdenlive uses Presets to determine the output. You can create your own presets and profiles.

To create Hit c t r + Return to open the rendering dialog or use the Menu ‣ Project ‣ Render and click on the render button.

  • Select the Output file location
  • Select the desired Presets. MP4-H264/AAC works nearly everywhere.
  • Click on the Render to File button.

Is Kdenlive better than Premiere Pro?

The only difference between both tools is that Premier is paid while KdenLive is FREE and OPEN SOURCE. You can use both to edit videos with keyframe features and effects.

How to crop a video kdenlive

To crop a video clip in Kdenlive, start by creating a new project with the desired crop size. Then, you can import your video clip and drag it onto the timeline.

After that, you can now Apply the “Position and Zoom” effect to the clip and adjust the crop areas as desired.

In the process of cropping, If you encounter any problem, there are alternative solutions you can use such as using the “Distort” option in the effect settings.

How to Edit Video in Kdenlive

Editing of video in Kdenlive is done in the Timeline. To Edit Add a clip by dragging it from the original Project or the Monitors.

After that, you can now drop a clip on the track where you have the ability to move it to another track in the same place

Using the keyboard shortcuts for editing can expedite the editing process and enable you to perform editing tasks that are either impractical or more difficult to accomplish using a mouse.

Versions 19.08 and beyond differ from earlier Kdenlive versions in how keyboard shortcuts are used.

The functionality of mouse actions has not altered. See 3 Point Editing

How to Remove Space Between Clips with Kdenlive Video Editor

To remove space Right-click in the space between the clips and choose Remove Space.

However, keep in mind that eliminating space could throw off the alignment of the clips between the various tracks if you have clips on more than one track in the timeline and they are not grouped. Space is only eliminated from the timeline where the click was made.

how to merge two videos in kdenlive

To merge two videos in Kdenlive, follow these steps:

1. Import Videos

Open the Kdenlive video editing app and create a new project. After that Import the two videos you want to merge into the project’s timeline.

2. Arrange Videos

You can now Place the videos in the desired order on the timeline. There are different options where You can use the drag-and-drop feature to adjust their positions.

3. Add Transitions

If you wish to add transitions between the videos, select the transition from the “Transitions” tab and put it between the two video clips on the timeline.

4. Export the Merged Video

Once you’ve arranged and edited the videos to your satisfaction, click on the “Render” button to export the merged video.

Choose the export settings, such as format, resolution, and quality, and then click “Render to File.”

5. Save the Merged Video

Specify the file name and location for the merged video, and click “Save” to generate the final merged video file.


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