How To Use Green Screen On Wevideo (4 Steps)

How To Use Green Screen On WeVideo

How To Use Green Screen On WeVideo

WeVideo is a tool to edit, capture, and view video footage. It is also designed to use the cloud for collaborative work and storage.

The WeVideo music has no copyright. You have the right to use this collection of authorized music, video, and image files without having to provide credit; this is because the content is royalty-free.

How To Use Green Screen On Wevideo

Here are the steps on how to use green screen on Wevideo below:

Record the video in front of a green screen

The first thing you should do is record a video in front of a green screen so that you will be able to import it to the WeVideo which will turn out to be a media file. To make sure you have the best results, make sure you do the following:

  • There is enough light shining evenly around you, leaving no shadows.
  • You are in front of a flat, wrinkle-free background. The suggested background color for you is either green or blue.
  • Your camera’s quality is sufficient to prevent pixelation or graininess in the video. It is advised to use HD video no lower than 720p.

Add media to the Timeline

You should import the media file and include it in the Timeline after you have taken the footage you intend to utilize for the Green Screen effect.

To guarantee proper layering techniques are employed, place the green screen footage in the track above whichever track has the background footage if you’re using more than two video tracks.

Open the clip editor

Click twice on the green screen clip in the Timeline to launch the clip editor, then select the Color Keying tab.

Colour picker tool should be used

To apply the effect, click anywhere on the green screen footage while using the color picker tool.

Is WeVideo Free?

The WeVideo is free but there will be a watermark on the free version, unlike the Pro version that comes without a watermark. Choose the option that best suits you on which plan you want to go for.

Is WeVideo Safe?

The WeVideo is not safe because there is cloud saving it is a cloud-based software.

Is WeVideo Good?

Yes, WeVideo is good. WeVideo includes all the necessary tools for producing a professional-quality video. The best aspect is that you can import, modify, and export everything with excellent results 100% on a browser.

What Is The Publish Time On WeVideo

Publish time is the maximum number of exports you are permitted to complete each month, subject to your plan. Every time you complete an edit and export it, it counts toward your total used time on the Exports page as a finished export. How much publication time is used depends on how long your finished export is.

The Best Alternative To WeVideo

The following are alternatives to WeVideo to explore for users who need new software features or want to try different solutions.


This software was created and published by TechSmith. The sole purpose of creating this software is to establish and record video tutorials through screencast.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare is the creator of Filmora which is a powerful video editor. The software can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Adobe Express

This software allows you to make outstanding content from thousands of templates for social media and this is quick and easy.


This free video software is created for cutting, filtering, and encoding tasks.


This video editing app was created by CyberLink. Its advanced and smooth interface gives beginners a cutting edge in video editing.

DaVinci Resolve

This application is created for color correction, grading, and visual effects. It can be downloaded on the Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.


This free video editing app was created by Apple and it is for image correction and image stabilization. It is suitable for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


This is a free video editing app that allows you to use an easy and user-friendly interface. The video editing app can be downloaded on the Mac and Windows operating system.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The Adobe Premiere Pro application software was created by Adobe Inc. and this is a timeline-based and non-linear video editing software.

Pros and Cons Of WeVideo

The WeVideo has both advantages and disadvantages and we will be looking at them below:


  • It can be connected with other enterprise app
  • It is simple to use for beginners
  • It is equipped with powerful publishing capabilities
  • It is equipped with powerful collaboration tools
  • It merges videos into one and adds transitions, text, and different filters


  • It lacks user management and roles and this can be improved on
  • It cannot purge data that is not in use
  • It lacks branding
  • It cannot screenshot frames of videos

How To Use WeVideo

WeVideo offers a lot of services without charge, however, a paid subscription offers more choices and download time per account. You must create a login to use WeVideo. Let’s take a look at how you can use the WeVideo.

Step 1

  • Visit the official website of WeVideo.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, Click on the green “sign-up” button.
  • Under the free column, click the “Get Started” button.
  • “Sign up for a new account”
  • A confirmatory email will be sent to your inbox to verify your account.

Step 2

  • Get started with a new project.
  • A new video with the “Get Started” lesson will pop up and you may choose to skip this part.
  • Click on the green “Create new video” button

Step 3

  • Parts of the screen will be used for our project.
  • You’ll get a menu option like save, delete, or new video
  • Name video title
  • Select a style while videoing
  • View media pane
  • Preview media pane
  • Upload media

How To Add Music To WeVideo

WeVideo makes it simple to add music to videos. Use music clips, audio effects, and royalty-free tunes, or upload your audio file.

  • To add sound select “Audio” from the tabs. There are possibilities for free music and sound effects. Drag an audio track into the Audio 1 track to add it to the video.
  • By clicking and dragging the clip’s edge in the timeline, you can cut or trim the audio track. The green bar to the left of the “Audio” track’s track head can also be used to change the volume.

How To Add Text In WeVideo

This is how you can add text in WeVideo with these simple steps:

  • Create a brand-new video project or select an existing one
  • Choose the Static folder by going to the Text tab in the upper toolbar
  • Choose the Subtitle text box
  • Grab the text box and drop it onto the text track

How To Collaborate On WeVideo

Users of WeVideo Classroom can invite other users to work with them on specific projects through invitation collaboration. Let’s take a look at how we can use the collaborator on WeVideo

Click on the collaborator button to add

On a project workspace, select the add collaborator button at the top. The button is shaped like a circle with a person and a plus sign on it.

Encourage team members to work together

After clicking the collaborator button, a pop-out with a shareable link will show up on the screen. To copy the link, simply click on it.

Paste the copied link

Now that the link has been copied, you can paste it into any correspondence with your collaborator (email, text message, etc.). and Select “Done”

Pass the link to the collaborator

The collaborator will show up as a member on the members list once they open the link by logging into their WeVideo account. The project can be duplicated, exported, invited to new collaborators, and edited internally by the team members.

How Do You Zoom In On WeVideo

When you have chosen your video clip, double-click it or click the pencil icon to access the editing menu and add a zoom-in effect. Simply raise the scaling size once you’re in the morph tab until the zoom level is appropriate for you.

How To Delete a Member In WeVideo

Select the member’s account and click Delete to eliminate them from your account. The “Delete members” pop-up window will ask you whether you want to permanently delete the selected member(s) and their account or remove them from your organization to turn their account into a personal free account.

All of the media and projects linked to a member’s account will be erased if you choose to permanently delete them.

To prevent their exports from being permanently deleted, you can choose to “Keep a copy of videos exported by member(s).” Another option is to delete all personally identifiable data from the member’s account.

How To Share a WeVideo Project

To access the share page for your export, select any export from the Exports tab to see the sharing page for that export. The share page offers tools for sharing and details about the export. If your export’s privacy is set to PUBLIC, anyone can access it by sharing the special link in the URL bar.

How To Narrate On WeVideo

To narrate on WeVideo, here are some simple steps you can follow:

  • Select Insert > Audio
  • Choose Record Audio.
  • Give your audio file a name, click Record, and then talk.
  • Select Stop, followed by Play, to listen to your recording again.
  • To re-record your footage, choose Record; otherwise, choose OK if you’re pleased.

Wevideo Website

Visit the Wevideo official website for more details on How To Use Green Screen On Wevideo

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