How to Crop on CapCut PC 2023/24

How to Crop on CapCut PC
How to Crop on CapCut PC

Are you looking for how to crop on CapCut PC? if yes, then this article is for you.

In this article, my team and I have put together a comprehensive write on how you can crop CapCut PC like a professional. Before we get into details let’s understand what CapCut video editing is all about.

CapCut video editing software is a free all-in-one video editing software tool. This software is packed with all the necessary features like cloud storage, keyframe animation, smart stabilization, and multi-member editing for video editing.

How to crop on CapCut PC?

Cropping on CapCut PC is a basic video editing technique that allows you to remove an unwanted element, fit an image to various sizes, and resize your video footage to different sizes and ratios. The CapCut video editing software has many amazing features that can help you crop anything in a professional way.

Here are steps you can use to crop on CapCut PC Below:

Step 1. Import the video you want to Edit

The first thing you need to do is to launch CapCut on your PC But if you don’t have it, you can visit the CapCut official website to download it.

Step 2. CapCut Launching

Launch the CapCut for PC window app and sign up with a Facebook or Google account

step 3. Create Project

To create a project click the Create Project button at the top corner, After that you can click the import to open a video from your PC and drag it to your timeline.

The next thing is to browse the folder where you have saved the file that you want to edit and click the open button to import the video to your new project so you can edit from there.

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Step 4. Choose the cropping icon you want to use

The second step is to locate and click on the video you want to crop on your PC. To have complete access to some of the cropping features click on the cropping tool that is located above the toolbar.

Step 5. Select your Cropping Pattern and Ratios

In the cropping section, you will see different customized options for you to choose from.

You can custom crop any image by dragging it to the size you want or you can choose from any of the Ratios 9:16 or 16:9

After the whole video editing and cropping, you can now click the export button to export the cropped video for self-use.

How to Crop on CapCut on Mobile

Cropping CapCut on Mobile is very simple either on Android or iOS, provided you follow the steps provided in this article below:

Step 1. is to open the CapCut app on your mobile phone, and click on the new project in order for you to add your video.

Step 2. After adding the video, At the right corner click on the edit button and crop icon to edit and crop any image and video.

Step 3. After Adding the image or video for editing select the ratio which you want the image or video to be and save the cropped image or video in order for you to export it.

Tips For Making a Good CapCut Video Editing

1. Before you can make a good CapCut video editing, you must have a good plan on how to structure the image/video in other to get a professional look.

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2. Capcut has many amazing features you can choose from, make sure you know all the features and what they all stand for.

3. When making a CapCut video editing make sure you keep it simple and unique just to have the wonderful look you are looking for.

4. Another aspect you need to pay attention to is the area of sound, the sound determines the output, and if the sound is OK the whole production process will be good.

5. Another area to look into is when making video editing you need to keep it simple and make it engaging to the viewers so that they can understand and know what the video or image is all about

How to download CapCut

To download the CapCut on your PC open a web browser on your computer. Visit the CapCut official website for the CapCut download window button.

How to use the CapCut template

Capcut video editing software tool has many templates you can choose from when editing any video online, With this software tool you can create a new video from scratch.

CapCut has a beginner-friendly interface with many templates you can choose from.

Here are ways you can use the CapCut templates below:

1. To use the CapCut template, on the CapCut main menu page tap templates at the left corner.

2. Choose A template, After clicking the template button the next thing is to search the type of templates you want to use.

3. Select a photo or video to fit the template

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After you might have finished with the editing process the next thing is to export your complete work for personal use.

How to do CapCut old filter

To do the CapCut old filter trends, the user must follow this step below:

  • the first step is to use an app like Faceapp with an old-age filter
  • The next step is to take a photo you want to use
  • After that, you can now apply the old age filter to the photo
  • you can now put together the two images in a video editing software like CapCut.

On the CapCut dashboard start a new project and put both images to the timeline. place the normal image on the timeline above the old image and make the normal image fade out from the normal.

After adding the image, the old image will now replace the old one. the last step is to post the video to TikTok.

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