How To Apply For Driving license In Nigerian

How TO Apply For Driving license In Nigerian

How TO Apply For Driving license In Nigerian

How To Apply For Driving license In Nigerian | Driver license Application | License Application | Original Drivers’ License


How To Apply For Driving license In Nigerian – The driver’s license is a legal document or certificate issued/provided by the federal government of Nigeria, however, it’s not only in Nigeria that Driver’s license is given or issued, it is issued anywhere around the universe or world, commissioning the duties, right’s and freedom to its people or citizen and non-citizens of people living in any part of a particular country. With these permits or licenses, the holder has the right to drive around anywhere without being stressed harassed, or intimidated. In 2012, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) launched or set in motion a new commercial drivers’ license with a security function which gives or require a compulsory medical certification of drivers before issuance


Nigerian Driver’s Licence Features

  • Name
  • Address
  • Blood Group
  • Sex
  • Facial marks
  • Height
  • Date of birth
  • Thumbprint and signature
  • Place of issued
  • Date of expiry
  • Applicant Passport photograph
  • Coat of arms
  • Date of issued
  • Bar code
  • Hologram
  • License number


                                                How TO Apply For Driving license In Nigerian


How to Obtain New Driver’s License in Nigeria         

Step 1:                       Get Trained

You have to go through some training process in other to be able to get your drivers’ license in Nigeria, firstly is that you have to be trained with any kind of driving schools located around your area which is also accredited and qualified to train drivers.


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Step 2:                  You have to be Tested

Having gone through several stages of training in the driving school, and the school authority is sure, certified, and convinced that you have gotten the important or necessary training in driving along with the knowledge that will make or equipped you well on the road, the next thing is to hand you over to the Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) to test you in the driving process to be sure that you are capable of plying the road.


Step 3:                Proficiency Certificate

A proficiency certificate is necessary for others to authenticate your proficiency in the driving process. Having gone through various training in one of the leading Federal Road Safety Commission authorized in driving schools in Nigeria, and having been tested for proficiency by the Vehicle Inspection Officer to approve your driving ability, the next thing is for the vehicle inspection officer to give or present you with the certificate of proficiency.


Step 4:            Application for Drivers’ Licence 

After you must have finished the test by the vehicle inspection officer, you are either due for drivers’ license or not, awaiting the choice or decision and the confirmation of the vehicle inspection officer. Now at the Drivers’ License Center (DLC), the awaiting decision of the motor inspection officer matters, His decision on how to say yes or no, if he says no, then you have to go back to the classroom for training, but if he says yes, then you have pass-through


Step 5:             Pay for the Drivers’ License

Having been satisfy and approved of your driving ability by the vehicle inspection officer, (VIO) and having been completed the drivers’ license application form, the next thing or option will be to pay for the driving license.

The payment of new drivers’ license can be fluctuated or not stable, it may not be a fixed amount, given the economic decision, the reality in the country, but you can always confirm the cost of new drivers’ license from the vehicle inspection officer, (VIO) once that is done and you know how much it is cost, the next step will be to go to the assigned bank by the Federal Road Safety Commission.

Before paying into the bank for your driving license, you have to print an acknowledgment paper, that acknowledgment paper should have your payment details, and as well, the transaction details that will be provided to you, and payment made at the same bank.


Step 6:        Return your Application Form

After you must have completed all requirements and information asked by the relevant authority, You will then return your completed form of application to the relevant authorities, this is very necessary and important; otherwise, your stride will be an effort in ineffectiveness. The relevant body to return your completed form to the Vehicle Inspection Officer  (VIO), the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) for confirmation in other to approve.


Step 7:                 Secure your License

You must secure or sealed your drivers’ license in case of theft occurrence. We are today, living in the advanced age, where technological advancement has a warrant for digital society, However, to guide and protect your drivers’ license, your next step is to go for data capture which involves biometric in the drivers’ license center at the Federal Road Safety Commission. This is very vital, important, and necessary.


Step 8:              Temporary Drivers’ License

Since all necessary things have been put in place or done, what you need to do is to obtain your new drivers’ license in Nigeria, your license would not be ready immediately, and to avoid delayed, you should opt to ply Nigerian road without your drivers’ license, then you have no choice other than to have a short-term drivers’ license from the drivers’ license station at the Federal Road Safety Commission, and please note that the short term drivers’ license will only be valid for sixty days (60) which is just three months.


Step 9:            Original Drivers’ License

After the expiration of three months which is sixty days given from when you get your short term drivers’ license, you are expected to move forward to one of the applicable government agencies that are in charge of the collection of the original drivers’ license, and one of the government departments or sections in charge of this which is the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR), and your original driver’s license will be issued to you with no further delay.

Therefore getting your new drivers’ license in Nigeria is as simple and easy as the steps are explained in this article. So if you have not collected your new Nigeria’s drivers’ license, with these simple steps in this write-up or article you can obtain or get your today.

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