How to Add Bible Version to Freeworship? (3 ways)

How to Add Bible Version to Freeworship
How to Add Bible Version to Freeworship

Are you looking for how to Add Bible Version to Freeworship? If yes, then this article is for you. There is an easy way you can add the bible version to Freeworship with the following steps below:

Step 1: All you need to do is to go to the Add section of the Freeworship dashboard and click on the bible icon and this will take you to an editable field where you can also complete the bible passage.

Step 2: Double-click on the map and add it to the service list and with any other item you can remove it and you can also move it up and down so you see the other choice.

Step 3: Go to the bible settings which can be accessed using the Edit and then we can change which version it is we can include which are the Bible verse names and then we can adjust our font settings up there and also get different backgrounds which we can choose from just to make it look good.

And this is how you can add the bible version to Free worship.

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freeworship software

The freeWorship software is said to be a dynamic and rich-feature tool that gives you the opportunity to design and also project presentations that are meant for assisting live worship sessions, church masses, Christian unions, and any other similar events.

Click here to download freeworship latest version Suitable for general use

Freeworship Pro Features

1. Drop-in service items

This Freeworship Pro feature can present videos and images quickly by dragging them into your service list directly.

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2. QuickEdit+

QuickEdit+ can allow you to attach lyrics and also re-order verses without missing out on a beat. Stay in the action and edit songs on the fly.

3. CCLI integration

You can now import songs from CCLI SongSelect into FreeWorship with just a click. Now you can say goodbye to copy-pasting.

4. Verse ordering

You can now free up your library and save the time you have for planning by also saving several arrangements in the same songs. Finally, we can say this has brought an end to duplicate songs!

5. Bible Search

You can search the scriptures on all parts of the translation that have a full-text bible search.

6. Video adjustment

Resist the projection that is already washed out by boosting brightness and contrast on your video.

7. Webpages

You can present slick demonstrations with no notice by exhibiting webpages and interacting live on the screen

8. Child lock

Guarantee a consistent presentation by locking down your house style.

9. Twitter feeds

You can connect to a larger congregation or engage in a live Question and Answer with a unique Twitter feed.

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easyworship vs freeworship

Easyworship Freeworship
AnimationVerse ordering
Offline Editing QuickEdit+
Drag & DropDrop-in service items
Video EditingVideo adjustment
Customizable TemplatesCCLI integration
Multi-Screen SupportBible Search
Multiple Format SupportChild lock
Offline PresentingTwitter feeds

Freeworship Alternatives

  • EasySlides
  • Holyrics
  • OpenLP
  • OpenSong
  • Praisenter
  • ProPresenter
  • Quelea
  • VideoPsalm
  • Worship Tools

System Requiremsnts for Freeworship software

  • 1024 x768 minimum screen resolution
  • 2 GB of HDD space
  • 4GB RAM
  • A sound card
  • An internet connection
  • Core i3 processor
  • Direct X 9 or higher
  • DirectX-compatible video card with 128MB of RAM
  • Microsft.NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Windows Media Player 9
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Freeworship Pro And Cons

Pro: Free

The fact that the FreeWorship comes with no cost, is arguably one of the biggest benefits of doing free church presentations with this software. This advantage of the Freeworship will obviously attract people to the software unlike when you have to pay hundreds of dollars each year.

Pro: Widest Accessibility

It has a wide reach to millions of audiences. If you have the right working tool or device you can use it to any limitation you want provided you have your internet connections, subscription fees, and other factors.

Pro: Easy to Learn

The Free worship app that is limited in feature seems to look easier to learn compared to the apps with special tools because presentation software are relatively limited in scope and that is one of the prices of being free.

Limitations will abound and also restrain you on how much you can do on the app for your worship services. but it will usually be easy for your volunteers to master that restricted amount of tools and functions.

Con: Limited Functionality

Free software will limit you to a basic set of features that restrict your church to certain types of features. You need to check for some functionalities before you choose the free tool to know if you can work out certain features.

Con: Lack of Support

You may lack any form of support if you encounter any issue with the free tool and this can lead you not to get an answer from a service provider because it is a Free tool.

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Con: Lack of Content Resources

You can’t have access to a large resource for learning the tool because Free apps usually don’t come with it. This also applies to the rich media content that is used to create presentations that are like slide backgrounds. Instead of searching directly from the existing database, you will do more work searching online for content and learning resources.

Cons: There Are Not Many Screen Outputs

In terms of technical execution, free presentation tools tend to struggle. You will be limited to finding one that supports multiple screen outputs from just a single presentation file. You will get a presenter view in line with the main view. Anything thing other than that can not happen with a free tool.

How to add Bible Version to freeworship FAQ

is freeworship free

FreeWorship is a free presentation software that is designed to help churches create engaging and powerful worship experiences.

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