How Do I Download the Bible from Easyslides? 2023/24 (UPDATED)

How Do I Download the Bible from Easyslides

How Do I Download the Bible from Easyslides

The Easyslides 5 software uses the MyBible and Zefania format Bibles. This is to say that you can choose from numerous Bibles available.

Make sure you have in mind that only a canon of 66 books, which comprises 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books which is only supported on Easyslides.

How Do I Download the Bible from Easyslides?

  • The first step is to Log into the Easyslides 5 menu and click Manage the Holy Bibles
  • The second step is to allow Easyslides to connect to where you will see commonly used Bible that are located at other third-party websites.
  • The third step is to click on the available Bibles that you want to download and install from the list.
  • The fourth step is that you will get a confirmation if the installation was successful.
  • Lastly, you should note that the Bibles that are listed are not offered by and therefore the links are also listed for your convenience.

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Is Easyslides free?

The Easyslides 5 is a free worship projection software that is made for projecting lyrics and bible texts to a big screen for Christian services and worship. Over 1 million downloads of version 4 have been downloaded since 2007.

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How To Download And Install Easyslides 5.2 Beta1

  • You have to close Easyslide version 5 if it functioning on your PC.
  • Click here to download Easyslides v5.2 Beta1.
  • A security warning might pop up when downloading and installing the file. Do not panic because the Easyslides do not contain any dangerous code.
  • Make sure you run to install the Easyslides 5.2 Beta1 once you have downloaded the file. All other previous versions of Easyslides do not need to be uninstalled and no data that is stored in Easyslides is deleted.
  • If a security warning is given by the windows, kindly click on the button with the inscription “More Info” and then the “Run Anyway” buttons
  • Easyslides 5.2 Beta1 will start functioning after the installation process has been completed.

System Requirements for Easyslides 5.2 Beta1

  • An operating system of windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, 11
  • A minimum of 4 GB memory is required
  • When using multiple monitors, dual regions, or slideshows, the sold State Drive for the Windows operating system is essential.

Easy slides Powerpoint Integration (v5.1)

The Easyslides 5.1 comes with the display of Powerpoint slides and it is supported by the Easyslides 5.1 version. Powerpoint software must be installed on your PC for this merger to function.

Steps to display Easyslides Powerpoint v5.1 slides:

  • The PowerPoint file must be connected to a drive i.e. it should not be on a network drive or USB
  • The mouse must be used to drag and drop the file onto the schedule of the Easyslides.
  • To see all the slides in the preview pane, click on the PowerPoint file on the schedule.
  • Go Live.
  • All the PowerPoint files on the schedule will be preloaded by Easyslides.
  • The Microsoft PowerPoint viewer will be also opened up.
  • Make sure you click the up or down blue arrow at the output pane to navigate to the presentation of the PowerPoint you are willing to display.
  • The first slide of the PowerPoint presentation will be displayed on the Live projected screen once the presentation is selected and all the slides will be shown in the preview area of the output pane.
  • To go through each slide, you have to click the green down arrow key, or if there are animations on a specific slide, the green down arrow key will invoke each animation in the Live screen.
  • If you click the down green arrow will move to the next slide once all animations for a slide must have been completed.
  • You can choose to use the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to sail across the slides or animations. Using this method will mean that the slides will be out of line with Easyslides.
  • All the preloaded PowerPoint presentations and Powerpoint viewer will close when the Live screen session is ended.

Easyslides forum

To log into the Easyslides forum you need to first register with a username and password.

Click these links to register for the Easyslides Forum where you ask any question and get more knowledge about the easy slides software

The username must be unique and different from other names. You can also request for password reset should in case you forgot your password.

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