How to Apply for Getfund Scholarship in Ghana 2022/2023 (Updated)

How to Apply for Getfund Scholarship in Ghana

How to Apply for Getfund Scholarship in Ghana

GETFund is a government organization whose main goal is to enhance educational activities in Ghana at all educational levels with financial resources.

Applications for local scholarships for the academic year 2022–2023 are now being accepted by the Ghana Education Trust Fund. The application period will officially commence on Monday, December 12, 2022, and close on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Are you looking for How to Apply for Getfund Scholarship in Ghana?

Here are the steps applicants need to follow in other to get getfund scholarship in ghana:

getfund scholarship application portal
Getfund scholarship application portal
  1. Click Here to sign up for Getfund scholarship
  2. Get your application going (save it in progress).
  3. Send your application in for consideration.
  4. Make sure the name on your admission letter matches the one used during registration.

When completing your scholarship application form, it is against the law to give incorrect or purposefully misleading information. Steps for Application

Multiple applications are automatically disqualified one by one.

Getfund Scholarship Application Requirements for Undergraduate

The GETFund Scholarship Portal is where all applicants must submit their application forms in full.

  • copy of the application letter scanned and signed.
  • scanned copy of national identification document (passport or national ID card)
  • Admission letter detailing the duration of the program clearly
  • transcripts from earlier semesters for students who are still enrolled (where applicable)
  • Fee Schedule (2022–2023), which has been approved
  • Results from secondary school exams (WASSCE, CTVET, and any other diplomas accepted by the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, or GTEC) (where applicable)
  • Applicants pursuing a different undergraduate certificate (Degree, HND) must provide their previous undergraduate certificate (Degree, HND, or diploma) and the relevant transcript (where applicable)

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Getfund Scholarship Application Requirements for Postgraduate 

  • Application letter in a scanned form signed
  • Copy of a passport or other national identification document that has been scanned
  • a scanned copy of the admissions letter that clearly states the length of the program
  • If it isn’t specified in the letter of admission, a scanned copy of the approved fee schedule (2022–23 academic year) is required.
  • scanned copy of a first-degree diploma (Master’s and Ph.D. applicants)
  • scanned copy of another degree certificate (Ph.D. applicants only)
  • scanned copy of the previous transcript (Masters and Ph.D. applicants only)
  • where appropriate, a scanned copy of the national service certificate (Masters and Ph.D. applicants only)
  • a duplicate of your curriculum vitae (Masters’s and Ph.D. applicants only).

Getfund Scholarship Eligibility

Being a citizen of Ghana is the prerequisite for eligibility, followed by the other conditions listed on the scholarship application portal.

What disqualifies a candidate

  • Uploading of invisible or unclear document
  • Uploading falsify document
  • Uploading incomplete application

Getfund scholarship acceptance letter

A scholarship application letter should include pertinent information about the applicant, the applicant’s institution, the applicant’s course, the applicant’s expenses for each academic semester, academic year, or the entire academic term, as well as any other details the applicant deems pertinent.

when will getfund scholarship be released

Application for the Academic Year for the GETFund Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students is thus presently open. The application period will be open from Thursday, December 8 through Tuesday, January 31.

what Does Getfund scholarship cover

The Getfund scholarship award offers benefits that are equivalent to a full scholarship, including paid tuition and assistance with other costs. It’s fascinating to learn that students in Ghana will have a fantastic opportunity thanks to GETFUND Scholarships in 2022.

getfund scholarship application login

To log into the getfund scholarship application portal you will need your email address or your phone number the one you created during registration as your username and password. But in a sitation where by you forget either the username or password, you can always request for a password reset.

Deadline for getfund scholarship 2022

The official closing date for the getfund scholarship application is January 31, 2023, while the application opening date is Monday, December 12, 2022.

Getfund scholarship email address

[email protected]

Contact Number

+233 (0) 54 432 3020

Contact Address


42nd 4th, Airport Residential Area. Accra
P.O. Box MB 254, Accra Ghana.

Open: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Scholarship Website:

Click to visit the official getfund scholarship website

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