Gocash loan app- How does Gocash loan app works?

gocash loan app download

gocash loan app download

Is Gocash loan legit? Gocash loan app is a Nigeria credit lending platform that allows people to borrow money using their android mobile phone with no collateral or documentation needed before their loan will be approved.

How to borrow using gocash loan app
How to borrow using gocash loan app

Gocash loan app has some good features like low-interest rate, long time repayment of a loan, a quick and safe loan with their office  Address located at Venia Business Hub, plot,8providence Street, Lekki Phase1, Lagos.

with gocash loan app, you don’t need to worry yourself over unnecessary deduction with a high-interest rate.

The more loan you collect through this platform, the less interest rate you pay with each time you refer a friend you also get a reward.

A friend of mine introduces me to gocash loan app that I should try it, at first I was doubting the gocash loan platform.

Less than 20 minutes, It seemed too good to be true from the moment I applied to when the fund was transferred to my account.

This lending app is really helpful, I have got my second loan from them which was instant.


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About Gocash loan 

Gocash loan is a Nigeria credit lending platform that allows people to borrow money using their android mobile phone with no collateral or down-payment is requested from you.

About gocash loan
About gocash loan

Gocash loan app is a legit platform that I have used to borrow to the tune of N100,000 Naira. For now, gocash loan operates in Nigeria with some other countries around the world.

I believe the company gocash loan has plans to become a Pan-African brand.

One of the good things about this platform is that; unlike banks where you have to do some paper filling and documentation of forms, Gocash approves your loan instantly without meeting you face-to-face.

How much can I get using gocash as a beginner? You can borrow as little as N5000 and as much as N300,000, with a repayment period from 91 days to 365 days.


Gocash loan app interest rate
Loan interest rate ranges between 4.5% – 34% with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 3% – 29% and APR of 29% – 365%.


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Gocash Loan Eligibility and criteria

  • Nigeria Resident
  • 20-55 years old
  • With fixed income


How does Gocash loan Work?

When Gocash loaned you money, you are expected to pay back your loan within a specified period. repayment of loan depends on how much you borrowed.

For little loan amount of 10,000 Naira, you have to pay back within a month because of the amount involved.

For example, if you choose to borrow N1000 naira through the app and Gocash charges you an interest rate of 4.4% per month, the total interest rate charged on that loan is 26.4%. for 6 months which amounts to N263 as the interest rate for 6 month repayment period.

The total amount plus interest rate you will be paying back for a loan amount of N1000 for 6 months will be N1263.


How to get a quick Gocash online loan in Nigeria?

Gocash loan app download step 1

Download and  install the Gocash loan app from the google play store

Gocash loan app download step 2

Register your account with all necessary information correctly.

gocash loan app registration
gocash loan app registration

Gocash loan app download step 3

Select the kind of product you wish to apply for on the gocash loan app platform.

Gocash loan app download step 4

Fill out all basic information about yourself correctly starting from your, name, BVN, address, and phone number.



When registering on Gocash loan make sure the registered phone number should be the same as the phone number bound to your BVN number, full name and address will be requested from you. This is for security measures in case you default.

After you are done with the registration, click on the submit button to apply for your first loan. gocash will calculate the loan amount you qualify for.


why choose Gocash loan

  • Loan up to NGN 300,000
  • Without any mortgage
  • Low-interest rate
  • Long time repayment
  • Quick and safe

Gocash loan app customer care number

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/Gocash-114139767106693
Email: Gocashservice@gmail.com.

Gocash loan customer care service is always excited to hear from you, so please forward all forms of the complaint, question, and observation to this email  Gocashservice@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.



gocash loan app has a high success rate with good testimonies, gocash is one of the best loan platforms in the country.

Have you used Gocash loan app before? feel free to comment below and share your experience and testimonies so others can learn.

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  1. Your information are not secure with Gocash, they will sale to scammers, that’s why you will be getting some one time password or spy into first to know if you have money by calling you with no like 018887101 or any, the have all kinds of number they are using to scam people please beware. Don’t start what you can’t finish ooh, Gocash are scammers run for your life

  2. I applied for a loan from gocash, but they are yet to credit my account. Hope I won’t have to pay for what I didn’t use?

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