How to get quick access credit from kiakia loan?

How to get quick access credit from kiakia loan?

How to get quick access credit from kiakia loan?

Kiakia loan is a quick online lending company that grants short-term personal and business loans with flexible interest rates and also creates a financial investment platform for those who have money to invest and lent it out.

How much can I borrow from kiakia loan? You can borrow as little as N10,000 and as much as N100,000,000 with tenure ranging from  30days to 24 months through its online platform.

Kiakia loan interest rates range from as low as 6.5% to 8% for secured loans per 30days, and 15% per 30daysfor unsecured consumer and payday loans. kiakia loan tenures range from 6 to 18 months for long-term loans and 30 to 90 days for short-term loans.

How to register for kiakia loan/ create a borrower account?

You can register or create a borrower kiakia loan account by clicking the ‘ CREATE AN ACCOUNT’ button on Mr. k’s menu. After then answer all questions correctly to validate your identity with other personal employment information.


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How to apply for kiakia loan in 5 minutes

  • Create an account by providing all required details
  • Start an application chat
  • Upload work ID or government-issued ID
  • Enter the desired loan amount
  • Select duration/tenure
  • Upload Screenshot of SMS alerts or  business income  or PDF statement of  last 3 month salaries
  • Accept loan terms and conditions
  • Authenticate your submitted bank accounts
  • Get credited
How to apply for kiakia loan in 5 minutes
How to apply for kiakia loan in 5 minutes

To successfully submit kiakia loan application, this is how you have to go about it.

Click here for kiakia loan app download


  • the fast approval loan process
  • no paperwork


  • age limitation
  • loan process charge


for kiakia loan application to be successfully submitted, you  will need to fulfill the following requirement

What are kiakia loan requirements?

  • An applicant must reside in Nigeria
  • An applicant must be 21 years of age and above
  • An applicant must have a (BVN) Bank Verification Number and be an account holder
  • An applicant must have a fixed amount of income and evidence of a verified source
  • An applicant must provide a valid means of (ID) Identification
  • An applicant must provide evidence of income (SMS or email screenshots of monthly income alerts for 6 recent months)
  • you can authorize kiakia loan to view your financial transaction by connecting your bank account to the Mr. K software.
authorize kiakia loan to view your financial transaction
authorize kiakia loan to view your financial transaction

How to repay kiakia loan?

to repay back kiakia loan select the “REPAY A LOAN” option on Mr. k’s menu and choose any of the following options

  • Bank Transfer to Kiakia Bits Limited
  • 0025273484 | Guaranty Trust Bank
  • 1016013383 | Zenith Bank Plc
How to repay kiakia loan?
How to repay kiakia loan?

KiaKia loan office address

You can contact kiakia loan office address at Plot 395A Etang Obuli Crescent, off Idris Ibrahim Crescent, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Jabi, Abuja. You could visit us if you wish. Official business hours are from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Kiakia loan phone numbers: 08092245588, 09055111140, 08093078377, 09034425508, and 08078443174.


People also ask


Can I edit my kiakia loan profile?

Yes please, you may edit your kiakia loan profile information by selecting the ‘SELF-SERVICE’ option on Mr.K’s menu, then selecting the ‘VIEW OR EDIT PROFILE’ on the resulting menu.  you cannot edit some information such as your name, BVN, and account number.

in a situation where you have a genuine reason for the change of any information, forward an email to stating reasons for your changes, The changes would be effected for you.


Does Kiakia give loans to foreigners?

only residents of Nigeria can access kiakia loan for both personal and business loans on our service.


How to update kiakia loan bank account details?

you can send an email to telling them to update your account, and it would be updated for you. make sure you have a genuine reason for the change and also send the new details stated in the mail.


Does Kiakia loan have an app?

No, Kiakia loan currently does not have a borrower app for now. We deploy all borrowing services through our mobile/PC web platforms for customer engagement and use, to enable users with utility phones to access ALL our services.


What is the kiakia loan tenure?

kiakia loan tenure for first-time borrowers is 30 days. you can also increase your kiakia loan tenure with good credit score history for a maximum of 18 months duration.


Why was my kiakia loan declined?

the reasons for kiakia loan application declined to vary from application to application which is contained in the loan decline email and SMS.


My kiakia loan is not disbursed despite approval

This may be as a result of some reasons such as the bank authorization process not being completed or an applicant failing to sign the loan agreement. only when all application process is finished funds can then be disbursed.

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