How to Connect Easyworship to OBS 2023/24

How to Connect Easyworship to OBS
How to Connect Easyworship to OBS

To connect EasyWorship to OBS is over an NDI source. Go to the edit button in EasyWorship, click on options, and set the output to NDI. The next thing to do is to choose the resolution you would like to use and then click on “OK”.

Now that you have done this, you will notice that EasyWorship will be broadcasting an NDI signal on your network.

Where Do EasyWorship Store Songs

The EasyWorship stores all its program files in the standard location. You will find a folder called Program files which are (x86) program files on your local hard drive. There is a folder called Softouch in that folder, then EasyWorship with the version number after it.

Is EasyWorship Free?

The EasyWorship has a free trial version. However, it has 4 pricing editions starting from the price of $18 to $280.

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Is EasyWorship A One-Time Purchase?

The price of the EasyWorship is excellent. You have the power to choose purchase between buying a one-time purchase or just subscribing to the software.

Is EasyWorship Compatible With Mac

The EasyWorship is not currently compatible with the Mac version. The development process for the Mac version is still in process.

How Much Is EasyWorship

The prices of the EasyWorship start at $18/month or $180/year for up to 99 members and it is based on the number of church members. The price can increase to $21/month or $210/year for up to 199 members.

The price can also be started from $24/month or $240/year for up to 499 members and $27/month or$270/year for up to 999 members and $30/month or $300/year over 1000 members.

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How To Use EasyWorship

To use EasyWorship, all you need to do is to Right click on a song and click the edit button of the song you want to edit or you can simply click on the new button at the top of EasyWorship and choose new song from the toolbar.

You can view the slides or text on the left. On the left side, type text in the words view or you can simply type text in the text box on the right in the preview area.

How To Connect EasyWorship To Vmix

If you want to connect EasyWorship to Vmix, you can visit the Vmix website and download it. Once you have installed it, open it on your desktop.

The output screen of your EasyWorship can be captured quickly and you can send a live stream to your social media platforms.

To connect EasyWorship to Vmix you can do the following:

  • Open the Vmix.
  • In the bottom left corner, click “Add Input”.
  • Select NDI/Desktop Capture.
  • At the top, click the local desktop capture.
  • Select the display where you want your EasyWorship output to go.
  • Click OK.
  • Go Live to your song in EasyWorship.

Now that your EasyWorship is Live, the output in the upper right display in the Vmix will be visible so long you’ve added the input.

How To Remove EasyWorship Watermark

To remove the watermark on your EasyWorship, all you have to do is to log out and log in back into your software and this will remove the watermark irrespective of having an older version of the software that comes with a single purchase license or the subscription service.

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Alternative to EasyWorship


MediaShout is a live display presentation software for churches. This software allows them to control the program on their computer while displaying song lyrics, scripture, and other slides on the audience screen.


  • Data Import/Export
  • Offline presenting
  • Offline editing
  • Video support
  • multi-screen support


Genially is an interactive visual communication software. Genially can be used for interactive and animation effects to dazzling presentations, images, infographics, gamification, quizzes, breakout, and more.


  • Animation
  • Customizable branding
  • Video support
  • Customizable Templates
  • Media library
  • Multi-screen support


Visme has all the tools you require to produce stunning multimedia. You can develop, store, and share your material with only one tool. All the layouts, graphics, and assets you require are provided by a single tool.


  • Visual analytics
  • Content delivery
  • Presentation tool
  • Media library
  • Video support


Animaker is a DIY video animation program software. This cloud-based program software was introduced in 2014. Animaker is the first software tool to introduce an animated vertical video in 2017


  • Image editing
  • Youtube uploading
  • Video support
  • Multi-screen support
  • Media library

Adobe Connect

An Adobe Connect is a live display interactive online conference for more than one user.


  • Online registration
  • Audio file management
  • Presentation tools
  • Media library
  • Video support
  • Multi-screen support

Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation tool. Google Slides can be used on the web, on mobile devices running Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry OS, and ChromeOS, as well as on a desktop computer.


  • Screen sharing
  • Customizable templates
  • Media Library
  • Screen sharing
  • Video support
  • Collaboration tools
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Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint allows you to create good slideshow presentations and complex pitch decks and gives you a sound and powerful presentation.

  • Slide designs
  • Presenter Tools
  • Autosave
  • Template creator
  • Template library
  • Image editing


PowToon is one of the best visual communication systems that allow anyone to create good-looking and engaging videos and presentations without wasting time.


  • 3D objects
  • Animation
  • Audio capture
  • Brand overlay
  • Content Library
  • Content management

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