25 Duties of a library prefect in secondary school 2024/2025

Duties of a library prefect in secondary school
Duties of a library prefect in secondary school

Library Prefects are students appointed to help monitor and maintain order in the school library. They assist the librarian by checking books in and out, reshelving returned books, keeping the library neat and organized, enforcing library rules, and helping other students find materials. Library Prefects are typically responsible, detail-oriented students chosen to represent the library and contribute to its smooth operation.

what are the duties of a library prefect?

Here is a list of responsibilities and duties of a library prefect in a secondary school:

  1. Ensure that the library is kept neat, organized, and orderly at all times. This includes making sure books and resources are properly shelved, surfaces are kept clean from clutter, and furniture is arranged appropriately.
  2. Enforce library rules and policies around noise levels, food and drink, cell phone usage, computer usage, printer access, etc. Prefects need to firmly yet politely address any violations.
  3. Monitor student behavior in the library and gently correct those not using the space properly – e.g. sleeping, roughhousing, off-task chatter. Report any major or repetitive discipline issues to the librarian.
  4. Assist students in locating books and resources. Be familiar with how the library catalog works as well as general section locations for key subjects so guidance can be offered.
  5. Check books in and out at the circulation desk. This entails scanning barcodes, stamping due dates, checking items for damage, etc. Accuracy is vital.
  6. Shelve returned books and resources promptly so materials don’t pile up. Follow call number sequencing and maintain neat shelf order.
  7. Perform inventory spot checks and provide the librarian reports on missing items needing replacement.
  8. Shelf-read sections on a regular basis to confirm materials are incorrect call number order. Straighten and re-sequence as needed.
  9. Assist the librarian in preparing overdue notices and contacting borrowers who have late items.
  10. Notify the librarian when popular books need replacement copies ordered due to heavy browse wear.
  11. Cover new books with protective sleeves and apply spine labels, call number labels, school property stamps, etc. per established procedures.
  12. Create engaging book displays that encourage students to explore new topics or genres. Manage rotating display stock with fresh replacement selections.
  13. Post signs promoting literacy initiatives, reading programs, book fairs, author visits and other special events happening in the library.
  14. Lead new student orientations to familiarize transferees with library layout, policies and the borrowing process.
  15. Manage periodical collections including checking-in issues, maintaining alphabetical magazine orders, and preparing back issues for archival storage.
  16. Assist students in accessing library computers and providing technology help such as connecting to wifi networks, opening programs or software, accessing printing functions, etc.
  17. Provide research help to students needing resources for assignments. Suggest appropriate reference books, and point out periodical indexes or online databases to search.
  18. Develop bibliographies and materials lists to support classroom units at teacher requests.
  19. Take inventory counts of study room equipment like laptops, headphones, and chargers. Report losses, damage or shortages.
  20. Fill teacher reserves requests to pull materials aside for short-term class projects. Shelve items back systematically upon project completion.
  21. Keep library craft and maker space rooms organized. Tidy workspace surfaces, shelve unused materials, and reorder consumable supplies as needed.
  22. Maintain a clip file of media coverage, school newsletters, event flyers, and other artifacts concerning library services for future archives.
  23. Assist library clubs by providing checkout lists for meeting readings, ensuring sufficient material quantities for all members. Attend gatherings to provide support.
  24. Serve on library committees offering student input into policies, new acquisitions recommendations, operating budget allocation, and program planning.
  25. Help train and mentor any new junior library prefect appointments. Foster positive service attitudes and a thorough understanding of all duties and procedures among trainees.
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