28 Essentials Duties Of a Health Prefect in a Primary and Secondary School 2024/2025

Essentials Duties Of a Health Prefect
Essentials Duties Of a Health Prefect


A health prefect is a student leader who is responsible for promoting health and wellness initiatives in a school. They act as a liaison between the student body and school administration on matters related to student health, safety, and welfare.

Health prefects may organize events and programs to educate students about nutrition, fitness, mental health, substance abuse awareness, and other health-related topics. They also provide peer support and advise school leaders on policies and decisions impacting student health and wellbeing.

What are the duties of a Health Prefect

Here is a list of Responsibilities and duties of a health prefect:


  1. Promote healthy living and well-being amongst students. Encourage physical activity, good nutrition, mental health awareness, etc.
  2. Organize health campaigns and events at school focusing on various health issues relevant to students. These could cover topics like hand hygiene, disease prevention, addressing bullying, managing stress, etc.
  3. Make short presentations during school assemblies about different health topics. These presentations can help spread awareness and give health tips to students.
  4. Put up educational posters and notices around the school related to health. For example, posters on washing hands properly, a balanced diet, dangers of drug abuse, etc.
  5. Advise the canteen committee regarding providing healthy meals, snacks, and drinks conforming to dietary guidelines and nutrition standards. Guide them to restrict junk food.
  6. Coordinate with the administration to ensure hygienic conditions in school washrooms, safe drinking water availability, proper garbage disposal, etc. Conduct periodic inspections.
  7. Organize guest lectures by doctors, dieticians, or other health experts to educate students. Arrange health check-up camps for students with the help of local healthcare providers.
  8. Maintain first aid kits at appropriate locations in the school. Also, coordinate any first aid training or demo sessions for students and staff to increase emergency preparedness.
  9. Identify health issues faced commonly by students like nutritional deficiencies, mental health concerns, substance abuse, etc. Develop appropriate solutions along with counselors.
  10. Counsel and guide students facing health problems impacting studies. Refer serious cases to a school doctor or external specialists.
  11. Represent student health-related needs, challenges, and feedback to the school administration. Put forward ideas and suggestions for improvement.
  12. Promote peer-to-peer health education through student team creation. Guide team activities for maximum impact in school.
  13. Maintain communication and coordination between the school health services team comprising doctor, nurse, counselor, etc. to align efforts.
  14. Document and track common illnesses, health indicators, and metrics over the academic year to spot trends and patterns.
  15. Advise new students and parents during school orientation about various health services and facilities available. Guide them on school policies and processes relevant to health.
  16. Assist the school administration during public health emergencies like disease outbreaks. Help implement safety protocols, advisories, etc.
  17. Coordinate annual medical examination process for students along with the school health staff. Help compile student medical reports.
  18. Facilitate health services like immunization camps organized by local public health authorities in schools.
  19. Recommend improvements in school health infrastructure to administration like infirmary equipment, sports gear, etc. based on needs and standards.
  20. Represent school health priorities in parent-teacher meetings. Encourage parent participation and support of student health initiatives.
  21. Coordinate student participation in inter-school health quiz contests, debates, workshops, etc. held locally or regionally.
  22. Promote health volunteering amongst students with local community health centers, hospitals, etc. based on programs and needs.
  23. Stay up-to-date on public health advisories and updates from health authorities. Convey relevant ones to students, staff, and parents.
  24. Collect health feedback from students regularly through surveys or discussions. Take appropriate follow-ups to resolve issues.
  25. Guide students interested in pursuing healthcare careers by providing relevant advice and access to resources.
  26. Maintain required health registers, activity records, medical inventories, and incident/accident reports as per protocol.
  27. Prepare successor health prefect during transition through proper handover of health records and briefing about ongoing health programs.
  28. Continue mentorship and guidance to new health prefect even after stepping down from responsibilities. Support continuity of long-running health initiatives undertaken during tenure.
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Why Do You Want to be a Health Prefect

  1. Passion for Health and Well-being:
  • Express a genuine interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle among your peers.
  1. Leadership and Responsibility:
  • Emphasize your desire to take on a leadership role and contribute to the well-being of the school community.
  1. Positive Influence:
  • Communicate your aspiration to be a positive role model and influence others to make healthier choices.
  1. Contribution to School Culture:
  • Highlight how being a Health Prefect allows you to contribute to creating a positive and health-conscious school culture.
  1. Commitment to Helping Others:
  • Discuss your commitment to supporting and helping your fellow students achieve and maintain good health.
  1. Interest in Health Education:
  • Mention your interest in educating others about the importance of health and wellness.
  1. Building a Healthy Community:
  • Express your vision of building a community where everyone supports each other in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Remember to personalize your response based on your motivations and values, showcasing your genuine commitment to the well-being of the school community.


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