27 Duties of a Head Girl in Primary and Secondary School 2024/2025

Duties of a Head Girl in Primary and Secondary School
Duties of a Head Girl in Primary and Secondary School

A Head Girl is a female student appointed to a position of responsibility and leadership within a secondary school. Typically a Head Girl will be in the final year of studies (year 12 or 13) and will have demonstrated qualities such as academic excellence, strong leadership, responsibility, and being a positive role model for other students.

The head girl often works closely with the Headmaster/Headmistress and may have duties such as leading the prefect team, representing the school at events, helping organize school activities, and providing mentorship to younger students.

What are the qualities and responsibilities of a school head girl

Here is a list of the Duties of A head Girl in A secondary School:

  1. Lead the prefect team and hold regular meetings to coordinate prefect duties, plan school events, and discuss ideas and issues raised by prefects or school administration.
  2. Represent the student body and bring ideas, proposals, concerns, and complaints raised by the students to the school administration. Serve as the voice of the students.
  3. Welcome and guide new students and visitors around the school, promoting the school’s culture and values.
  4. Assist teachers in running school events such as assemblies, awards ceremonies, dances, charity fundraisers, sports days, open days, and parent evenings.
  5. Develop ideas and initiatives for new school events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns that address issues relevant to students. Lead the planning and organization of these initiatives.
  6. Maintain discipline by monitoring behavior around the school, handing out appropriate punishments when rules are broken, and reporting issues back to teachers.
  7. Patrol the school during breaks, and lunch times, before and after school to maintain order, enforce dress code, respond to incidents, and provide help and support when needed.
  8. Act as a mentor and big sister to younger students, being available to provide advice with personal, social or academic issues. Run support groups.
  9. Use school bulletins, newsletters, website updates, and social media to regularly communicate important messages, recognition of achievement, and opportunities to students and parents.
  10. Organize a peer tutoring program to provide academic support for struggling students. Recruit, train, and coordinate tutors.
  11. Develop ideas and incentives to motivate students, improve school culture, and encourage student engagement in school activities.
  12. Meet regularly with the Headmaster/Headmistress to discuss arising issues, new initiatives, policies, disciplinary cases, and other matters regarding the well-being of students.
  13. Take ownership over a specific area of student life such as community service, mental health initiatives, competitive sports or clubs and societies. Lead the development of this area.
  14. Act as a student observer on various school committees where policies and initiatives relating to students are being discussed. Provide the students’ perspective.
  15. Represent the school at board meetings, parent-teacher conferences, competitions, community events, etc. Give talks or deliver presentations related to the school.
  16. Organise revision/study groups, workshops, and talks by guest speakers to help prepare students for exams.
  17. Take a lead role in coordinating major school functions like graduation ceremonies, annual awards night, charity events, open days, etc.
  18. Initiate projects to make positive changes to school infrastructure based on student feedback such as renovating common rooms, school cafe menu updates, upgraded IT facilities, etc.
  19. Recognize student achievements, community service, acts of kindness, etc through formal school commendation processes and awards.
  20. Help connect school administration with parents regarding announcements, permission slips, conferences, updates, etc.
  21. Assist teachers in administrative tasks such as collecting permission slips, compiling attendance, preparing class materials, taking notes in meetings, etc.
  22. Greet latecomers at the school gates, and record names and reasons for lateness before escorting them to class.
  23. Offer tours of the school campus to prospective students and parents, answering questions and highlighting school offerings.
  24. Coordinate the school’s volunteer program and community outreach initiatives. Recruit and organize student volunteers.
  25. Organize inter-house competitions, sports tournaments, quizzes, debates, and other initiative to build school spirit and engagement.
  26. Maintain open communication channels with students through suggestions box, email, forums, etc., and ensure issues raised are addressed by school administration.
  27. Conduct new prefect induction and training to develop leadership and organizational skills and prepare them for their role and responsibilities.
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