25 Important Duties of A Head Boy in Secondary 2024/2025

Duties of A Head Boy in a Primary and Secondary
Duties of A Head Boy in a Primary and Secondary


A head boy is a student appointed to a position of responsibility and leadership in a school. Typically a head boy will be a student in the final year or grade level who exhibits excellent academic performance, leadership skills, and responsibility and is a good role model for other students.

As a head boy, some of their duties may involve leading the prefect team, assisting staff with administrative tasks, organizing events and activities, acting as a liaison between the student body and school administration, as well as setting a good example for all through their conduct and work ethic.

What are the Qualities and Responsibilities of a school head boy

Here is a list of the duties of a head boy in a Secondary school:


  1. Lead the prefect team and hold regular meetings to coordinate activities, assign duties, and ensure all prefects are fulfilling their responsibilities.
  2. Act as a liaison and communicate student needs, concerns, and ideas between the student government/council and school administration. Attend some administrative meetings when pertinent student issues are discussed.
  3. Welcome and guide new students and families during orientation programs, special events, and tours.
  4. Assist staff in overseeing student behavior in common areas during breaks, lunches, and arrival/dismissal times. Help enforce school rules respectfully.
  5. Organize and lead student assemblies, events, and activities – including planning details, preparing equipment, managing set up/clean up, making announcements, etc.
  6. Represent the student body and speak at school events like parent meetings, awards ceremonies, debates, sports days, arts events, etc.
  7. Lead by example – model integrity, inclusive behavior, kindness, and exemplary conduct for all students.
  8. Tutor younger students who are struggling academically or adjust socially. Also, assist new international students.
  9. Write updates, notices, and articles for parent & student newsletters, the school website/blog, and social media channels.
  10. Fundraise or coordinate fundraising drives for charitable causes selected by the student council. Manage funds responsibly.
  11. Develop new student programs – like mentoring initiatives, student-teacher sports competitions, school spirit events, and community service activities. Lead implementation.
  12. Listen to and process student grievances and complaints. Mediate conflict resolution between students when necessary.
  13. Help staff with administrative tasks like scheduling, record-keeping, phone calls, photocopying, and collecting paperwork.
  14. Organize competitions, contests, and events like spelling bees, poetry slams, science fairs, math olympiads, art exhibitions, debates, quiz bowls, and athletic tournaments.
  15. Serve as a student representative on decision-making school committees wherever student voice should contribute.
  16. Plan and coordinate eco-initiatives to support sustainability at school like recycling programs, no-waste days, gardening drives, and green projects.
  17. Escort and assist visitors, guest speakers, volunteers and substitute teachers as needed.
  18. Help train and mentor future student leaders – share leadership and organization skills.
  19. Assist teachers in managing class activities, group work, field trips, and lab experiments as requested.
  20. Arrive early and assist staff in preparing equipment, and materials for the school day. Help pack up too.
  21. Give input into the creation of student handbooks, codes of conduct, and rules as applicable.
  22. Organize tech support to help students and teachers in computer labs or with audio-visual equipment for presentations.
  23. photograph important school events for publicity and archiving purposes – may support yearbook initiative
  24. Ensure student representation and feedback in decisions about uniforms, meal plans, sports equipment, etc.
  25. Develop rotational duties schedule for prefects to support staff in the dining hall, library, and front office, so no one is overburdened.
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