40 Interesting Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria 2024/2025

Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria
Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria


Debate topics for secondary schools in Nigeria are subjects chosen for structured discussions where students present arguments, analyze issues, and express opinions.

These topics encourage critical thinking, research, and effective communication skills among secondary school students. They cover a wide range of subjects, fostering intellectual development and preparing students for more advanced academic discourse.

The debates provide a platform for students to engage with important societal issues and explore diverse perspectives on various topics.


What are the Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria?

Here is a list of unique Debate Topics for Secondary Schools in Nigeria:

  1. Should the federal government increase education funding and access? This debates the role of government in improving education quality and access, especially for disadvantaged students.
  2. Is democracy the best system of government for Nigeria? This topic examines the merits of democracy versus other systems like military rule or monarchy.
  3. Does Nigeria’s federal system effectively serve the country? This debates the advantages and disadvantages of Nigeria’s federal structure.
  4. Should abortion be legalized in Nigeria? This examines the controversial issue of abortion rights.
  5. Is economic growth more important than environmental protection? This debates sustainable development versus prioritizing rapid economic expansion.
  6. Should the death penalty be abolished in Nigeria? This explores the ethics and efficacy of capital punishment.
  7. Does Nigeria’s approach to fighting corruption work? This analyzes anti-corruption strategies.
  8. Should Nigeria invest more in science and technology education? This examines whether STEM should be a national priority.
  9. Is globalization good for Nigeria? This debates the impacts of global integration on the economy, culture, etc.
  10. Should gay marriage be legalized in Nigeria? This examines LGBTQ rights.
  11. Does Nigeria need more or less foreign aid? This analyzes the benefits and harms of international aid.
  12. Should the minimum legal age for marriage be raised? This examines child marriage.
  13. Should assisted suicide be legal for the terminally ill? This debates euthanasia.
  14. Does Nigeria’s youth bulge present more opportunities or challenges? This examines demographic pressures.
  15. Should Nigeria shift from oil to renewable energy? This debate transitioning to clean energy.
  16. Should university education be free in Nigeria? This examines making tertiary education affordable.
  17. Should Nigeria prioritize urban or rural development? This debates where infrastructure funds should go.
  18. Does Nigeria need stricter internet censorship and regulation? This examines freedom of speech online.
  19. Should Nigeria invest more in space technology? This examines space policy and funding priorities.
  20. Is social media a net positive or negative for society? This debates social media’s impacts.
  21. Should cryptocurrencies be legalized in Nigeria? This examines digital currency policy.
  22. Should healthcare be free for all citizens in Nigeria? This debates universal health coverage.
  23. Is poverty reduction or economic growth more urgent for Nigeria? This prioritizes development goals.
  24. Does Nigeria need more nuclear power? This examines the advantages and risks of nuclear energy.
  25. Should the voting age be lowered in Nigeria? This debates youth participation in democracy.
  26. Is economic diversification or oil production more beneficial for Nigeria? This examines moves away from oil dependency.
  27. Does feminism help or harm Nigeria? This debates women’s rights and gender roles.
  28. Should traditional rulers be abolished in Nigeria? This examines the role of customary institutions.
  29. Does Nigeria need more megacities? This debates urban concentration versus regional balance.
  30. Should parents/guardians decide who children marry? This examines child betrothal practices.
  31. Is China’s influence positive or negative for Africa? This examines Sino-African relations.
  32. Should Nigeria adopt a multiparty system? This debates political pluralism.
  33. Is ethnic and religious conflict inevitable in Nigeria? This examines national unity.
  34. Should Nigeria prioritize basic or technical education? This debates curriculum.
  35. Is democracy compatible with traditional leadership? This examines integrating modern and customary governance.
  36. Does Nigeria need more robust climate change policies? This examines environmental policy needs.
  37. Should Nigeria reform its land tenure system? This debates customary versus statutory land rights.
  38. Does Nigeria need to improve mental healthcare? This examines providing psychiatric services.
  39. Should sports betting be prohibited? This debates gambling regulation.
  40. Should Nigerian music require more originality? This examines creativity versus imitation in the industry.
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