45 Simple Debate Topics for Primary Schools in Nigeria 2024/2025

Debate Topics for Primary Schools in Nigeria
Debate Topics for Primary Schools in Nigeria


Debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria aim to develop students’ critical thinking, public speaking, and communication skills.

Age-appropriate topics allow young students to engage with current events, ethics, philosophy, and other subjects in a structured format of opposing arguments.

A Well-chosen debate topic can stimulate young minds while teaching respect for different viewpoints.


What are the types of Debate Topics for Primary Schools in Nigeria?

Here is a list of the current debate topics for primary school students in Nigeria, along with brief explanations for each topic.

This list covers a variety of subjects to engage young minds and encourage critical thinking.

1. School Uniforms: Should students wear uniforms to school?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms, considering factors like unity, equality, and self-expression.


2. Homework: Is homework necessary for primary school students?

Debate the importance of homework in reinforcing learning versus the need for free time and play.

3. Pets at School: Should schools allow pets?

Explore the benefits and challenges of having pets in schools, considering the impact on students’ well-being and responsibility.

4. Books vs. Tablets: Which is better for learning?

Discuss the pros and cons of traditional textbooks and digital tablets in the context of education.

5. Healthy Eating: Should schools provide healthier food options?

Debate the role of schools in promoting healthy eating habits among students and whether they should offer nutritious meals.


6. Cycling to School: Is it a good idea?

Discuss the benefits of cycling to school, including exercise and environmental impact.

7. Internet Safety: How can children stay safe online?

Explore ways to educate and protect primary school students from potential online dangers.

8. Outdoor Education: Why is it important?

Discuss the importance of outdoor activities and hands-on experiences in the education of primary school children.


9. School Gardens: Should schools have gardens?

Explore the educational and environmental benefits of having gardens in schools.

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10. Learning a Second Language: Should primary school students learn a second language?

Debate the advantages of early language acquisition versus potential challenges.

11. The Importance of Playtime: Should there be more playtime at school?

Discuss the role of play in child development and whether schools should prioritize it.

12. School Excursions: Are they beneficial for learning?

Explore the educational benefits of school excursions and field trips.

13. Littering: How can we stop littering in our school?

Discuss the impact of littering on the environment and ways to address the issue within the school community.

14. Traditional Games vs. Video Games: Which is better for children?

Explore the merits and drawbacks of traditional games and video games for children’s entertainment and development.

15. Importance of Art and Music: Should art and music be mandatory subjects?

Discuss the role of creative subjects in a well-rounded education.

16. Community Service: Should primary school students participate in community service?

Explore the benefits of community service for young students and the impact on their character development.

17. Saving the Environment: What can primary school students do to help?

Discuss simple actions that children can take to contribute to environmental conservation.

18. School Assemblies: Are they important?

Explore the purpose and benefits of school assemblies in fostering a sense of community.

19. Cell Phones at School: Should primary school students have cell phones?

Discuss the pros and cons of allowing students to have cell phones at school.

20. Classroom Pets: Are they a good idea?

Explore the educational benefits and responsibilities associated with having pets in the classroom.

21. Banning Junk Food in Schools: Is it necessary?

Debate the impact of junk food on students’ health and whether schools should ban it.

22. School Sports: Should sports be mandatory?

Discuss the role of sports in promoting physical fitness and teamwork among primary school students.

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23. School Rules: Are they fair?

Explore the reasons behind school rules and whether they are reasonable for primary school students.

24. Learning through Technology: Should tablets replace textbooks?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for learning in primary schools.

25. The Importance of Sleep: How much sleep do primary school students need?

Explore the impact of adequate sleep on students’ health and academic performance.

26. Public Speaking: Should it be a part of the curriculum?

Discuss the benefits of developing public speaking skills from an early age.

27. Community Clean-up: Should schools organize clean-up events?

Explore the benefits of involving students in community clean-up activities.

28. Should Schools Have a No-Homework Day?

Discuss the idea of having designated days without homework and its potential impact on students’ well-being.

29. Censorship in Children’s Books: Should certain books be banned?

Explore the reasons behind banning certain books for children and whether it is necessary.

30. School Safety: How can schools improve safety measures?

Discuss ways to enhance safety within school premises for the well-being of students.

31. The Role of Parents in Education: How can parents support their child’s education?

Explore the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education and ways parents can contribute.

32. Should There Be a School Uniform for Teachers?

Discuss whether teachers should also be required to wear a uniform and its potential impact on the learning environment.

33. Learning Outside the Classroom: Should schools have outdoor classrooms?

Explore the benefits of outdoor learning spaces and their impact on students’ engagement.

34. Should Students Have a Say in School Policies?

Discuss the idea of involving students in decision-making processes regarding school policies.

35. Dealing with Bullying: What can schools do to prevent bullying?

Explore strategies to address and prevent bullying within the school community.

36. Teaching Money Management: Should financial education be part of the curriculum?

Discuss the importance of teaching children about money and financial responsibility.

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37. Should Recess Be Extended?

Debate the idea of extending the duration of recess for primary school students.

38. Learning about Different Cultures: Why is it important?

Explore the benefits of teaching children about diverse cultures and fostering cultural understanding.

39. Should There Be a No-Homework Policy for Weekends?

Discuss the pros and cons of having weekends without homework assignments.

40. Peer Pressure: How can primary school students deal with it?

Explore strategies for young students to handle peer pressure positively.

41. Learning to Code: Should coding be part of the curriculum?

Discuss the importance of introducing coding and computer programming skills in primary schools.

42. Celebrating Cultural Festivals at School: Is it a good idea?

Explore the benefits of incorporating cultural festivals into the school calendar.

43. Should Students Choose Their Classmates for Group Projects?

Debate whether students should have the freedom to choose their group members for collaborative projects.

44. Learning About Local History: Why is it important?

Discuss the importance of teaching students about the history and culture of their local community.

45. Should Schools Have a No-Homework Week?

Explore the idea of dedicating a week to no homework and its potential impact on students’ well-being.

These debate topics cover a range of subjects that are relevant to primary school students in Nigeria, encouraging them to think critically and express their opinions.

Click to download the debate topics for primary schools in Nigeria pdf on comparing debate, discussion, and dialogue.


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