Clarendon Scholarship At University Of Oxford

Clarendon Scholarship At University Of Oxford

Clarendon scholarship offers fully-funded scholarships that cater for payment of course and also grants that support living expenses you need over a period of the fee duration. Full assistance is rendered to scholars to lessen a load of finance to graduate study, and also let them have full attention on their studies. In addition, by offering living expenses, opportunities are offered to our scholars to live a dynamic life within Oxford, resting time and mingle and socialize from their studies.

Clarendon scholarships have a lot of benefits and it is not only just life-changing opportunities it provides to learn at Oxford, but the positive mindset to create long-term academic, academic, social, and professional connections within a fun community.


Clarendon Scholarship At University Of Oxford
Clarendon Scholarship At University Of Oxford


The university believes you are an exceptional applicant and that is why you will be offered a Clarendon scholarship. If you want to know what differentiates Clarendon scholarship from all other scholarships program, take a look at the 5 reasons.

Clarendon has the purpose to be separate from all other funding programs which pay your way by developing a group of resourceful minds. A unique graduate experience is offered to applicants that will stimulate them to distinction. We are eager and anticipating your coming to Oxford.


How many Clarendon Scholarships are there?

Not only over 130 new and fully funded scholarships does Clarendon offer each year to excellent graduate scholars, but it also gives the avenue to connect with one of the most functioning, highly global, and multidisciplinary circles at Oxford.


how to Apply Clarendon fund scholarship at University of oxford

Clarendon scholarship application when selecting Clarendon scholars, the University has only one goal in mind to choose the best students worldwide, as decided by experts in each student’s field.

Clarendon Scholarship application process:

  1. For your course to be considered, all you need to do is to apply by the relevant January deadline so as to be eligible for a Clarendon scholarship.
  2. Academics working in your proposed field of study will be able to consider your application.
  3. Your academic standard and acceptability of your application will be evaluated by them.
  4. The final decision will be taken on your graduate place by the department and they will also inform you of a result. check the detailed guide on decision timeline for more details.
  5. Nomination to the division is made for a Clarendon scholarship in collaboration with academics within your department.This is based on the selection criteria.


  1. The departmental scholarship nominations are reviewed in February or March and this process varies between the University’s academic divisions and the Department for Continuing Education.
  2. All nominations are evaluated on their academic caliber, and subsequent potential by the academic divisions, and departmental nominees that are within the divisions are all shortlisted for Clarendon.
  3. Clarendon Fund Administrator will get in touch with successful applicants once the shortlist is confirmed, and they will provide the scholarship offer later.
  4. If a Clarendon scholarship is offered to you and you accept it, this indicates that your funding is secured as long as you pass the conditions of your offer of a place to study at Oxford.
  5. Every April and May, depending on the award requirements, Clarendon Partnership Awards are matched to scholars. No additional info is required of Clarendon offer holders.
  6. Each scholar will receive a funding breakdown letter laying out the funding arrangements. Once each scholar’s unique funding package is validated, a funding breakdown letter outlining will be passed to them by the funding arrangements. Final college placements will also be validated in accordance with partnership awards.


Contact will be made through email to all successful Clarendon candidates. Most offers are sent by early April of each year.

  1. If you are unsuccessful, you will not be contacted because of the eligibility of more applicants. If a message is not passed across to you by June, just know that you have not been awarded a Clarendon scholarship
  2. If nominated students withdraw due to certain reasons, a late nomination may be considered during the summer period but this is very rare.


Clarendon Scholarship Selection criteria

The mode of selection varies a bit considering the subject area and maybe applicants apply for a taught or research degree.

Through guidelines, applications are confirmed against the following criteria:

Outstanding academic record

An outstanding academic record is crucial. The most number of scholars who are successful usually have at most a first-class honors degree or something similar to it. At a master’s level, you must have an excellent academic record because a master’s degree can stand in for a moderate first-degree performance. Depending on the strength of the field, Qualification may differ between disciplines and this is from year to year. Other proof of high academic acquirement may include individual marks on student transcripts; evidence of previous university prizes or awards; information on your overall position within your cohort; and publications (if applicable).


Clarendon Scholarship Full-time applicants

All candidates and subject areas are eligible for our scholarships. Candidates who put in for new Master’s courses by the January admissions deadline are open to all subject areas and to all candidates who put in for a new Master’s or course by the end of the January admissions deadline.

Graduate application deadline

Consideration of a Clarendon scholarship will be automatically given to you if you apply for a graduate study. Clarendon does not have separate application forms for scholarships. The deadline must not be more than January. The guideline information is readily available on the course pages.


How much is the Clarendon scholarship?

Full tuition fees are covered by Clarendon scholarships. Home and overseas students are applicable to this full-tuition scholarship.

In the year 2021-2022, have the mindset of receiving a minimum of £15,609. An annual grant for living expenses with the minimum research council doctoral stipend rate will be given to scholars on a full-time course which is normally adequate to cater for the cost of living of a student residing in Oxford.


Clarendon Scholarship Duration

The full period of fee liability is normally offered for Clarendon scholarships. This period is normally for students who are inclined to pay course fees to the university. The fee liability page describes this in full and also gives information about charges that may be registered after this period, known as continuation charges, which are not covered by the Clarendon Fund.

In some cases, an additional period of study where the course is known is extended by the academic division to extend your scholarship. Only living costs are relevant to this extension and not to any continuinig charges. Notification will be given to scholars in their offer letter if maybe an extension funding is provided.

Nationality or Ordinary Residence

There are no limitations by citizenship or country of ordinary dwelling.

Irrespective of nationality, Clarendon scholars come from across the globe: from the USA to Australia, Venezuela to Vietnam, and from Norway to Nigeria.

Level of study

As long as you have applied before the January deadline for your course, all full-time DPhil and Master’s courses are eligible. To know the list of all the courses offered by the University of Oxford, you can check the courses page.


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Clarendon Scholarship Part-time applicants

Part-time students taking a range of courses at Clarendon can apply for a competitive scholarship package.

Graduate application deadline

As a graduate student, you will be eligible for a Clarendon Scholarship as soon as you apply. No additional documentation is required and Clarendon does not require a separate scholarship application form. For your course to be considered, your application must be submitted by the January deadline.  The course pages provide information about deadlines.


Clarendon scholarships cover course fees in full. Fee-paying overseas and home students are covered by this policy.

A study support grant will be given to scholars on a part-time course to assist them with non-fee costs. The study grant may be a sixth, third, or a half of the UKRI rate because study support grants are different. The nature and duration of the course may be influenced by the rate. Details of the grant will be included in the letter of offer.

For example, the study support grant may be a bit lowered where course fees cover some other study costs, like accommodation while on a residential study. We will communicate with your academic department to ascertain the worth of the study support grant in these cases.


It is normal for Clarendon scholarships to last for the duration of a fee liability period, with the only exception being modular-fee structure courses (see below). This time is the time for which you are mandated to pay the course fee to the university. The fee liability page describes this in full, and also shares information about charges that may be requested after this period, known as continuation charges, which are not covered by the Clarendon Fund.

Modular fee structure courses

For a modular fee structure that covers part-time courses, where it doesn’t have a fixed number of terms liability, the scholarship will cater for those academic fees that are compulsory for your course of study.  Looking at the course structure these may include:

a) A yearly Award Fee – Reimbursement will be for a maximum of two years.
b) A Registration Fee – Reimbursement will be in full.
c) A Dissertation Fee – Reimbursement will be in full.
d) Module Fees –  Your scholarship will cater for the least number of modules needed to complete your course, but will not pay for any additional modules which you take voluntarily.

In the event of any other mandatory academic fees, we will communicate with your academic department to ascertain if they should be funded by your scholarship.

Level of study

All degree-bearing courses at the graduate position are qualified. This embodies all the part-time, Master’s, and DPhil courses. If you want to get the list of all the graduate courses offered by the University of Oxford, you can check the courses page. Eligibility for this scholarship is not for Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma courses.



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