Who Qualifies For the California Scholarship Federation 2022/2023

Who Qualifies For the California Scholarship Federation

Who Qualifies For the California Scholarship Federation

CSF is a state-wide organization that was founded in 1921 by a teacher who wished to celebrate excellent high school students by publicly showcasing their academic achievements.

Nearly 1400 chapters exist today across the state. Who Qualifies For the California Scholarship Federation?

joining CSF for 4 of the 6 “semesters” between 10th and 12th grades. One of the semesters must have grades from the senior year. Students can enroll after terms one and two and once more after terms three and four because “semesters” are 18-week periods. After term 2 of the senior year, life membership will be granted for the earliest possible time.

The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to honor and promote academic excellence and volunteerism among middle and high school students in California.

what is the California Scholarship Federation Life Membership Award?

California scholarship federation lifetime membership is for seniors who have been CSF members for four semesters, from their second semester of sophomore year through their second semester of senior year, and are eligible to receive Life Membership (Sealbearer status) when they graduate.

Since one semester must be based on grades obtained in the senior year, a senior must meet the requirements to enroll in the second semester of the senior year even if they had been a member for four semesters prior.

If a senior qualifies and submits a CSF application in May or June, they may utilize their final grades from the last semester of their senior year in lieu of the one additional semester they require to be eligible for Sealbearer.

what do you get from the California scholarship federation?

CSF Life members will receive a gold chain, a CSF lamp pin, and a golden seal on their diplomas and transcripts at graduation. Participants in the community service endeavor will also get a gold stole from the CSF. Members of the CSF who are life members may apply for scholarships.

Benefits of the California scholarship federation

CSF Life members will receive a CSF lamp pin, a golden seal on their diplomas and transcripts, and a gold cord upon graduation. A gold stole will also be given to CSF life members who take part in charity work. CSF life members are eligible to apply for various scholarships. Members of the CSF will also go on field trips.

When can I join the California scholarship federation?

After their sophomore year’s second term, students have their first chance to sign up for CSF.

what is the California junior scholarship federation?

The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) was established in 1967 with the goal of promoting excellence in middle school and junior high academics, community service, and citizenship. Similar to CSF, CJSF places a strong emphasis on giving back to the school and the community while fostering pride in academic success. The California Junior Scholarship Federation’s (CJSF) recent explosive growth has significantly bolstered CSF.

California scholarship federation application

Applicants who meet the requirements can join based on their grades on their report cards. Membership drives are done each semester/trimester during predetermined times governed by the State bylaws, and membership is valid for one semester/trimester. Consult the CJSF Bylaws on the CJSF Chapter Resources page.

California junior scholarship federation requirements

After receiving the necessary grades each semester or quarter, candidates for CJSF membership are awarded a scholarship. Every semester the student is qualified, they must fill out an application to become a member. The qualifications for membership are set forth in a point system outlined in the CJSF State By-Laws.

Student membership is established by accumulating academic points. Two times as many academic subjects as the student is enrolled in must be earned, i.e., a student must gain 10 points for enrolling in 5 qualifying subjects, 12 points for enrolling in 6 subjects, etc. Four academic disciplines are necessary at the very least.

Based on grades, the CJSF semester/trimester points are determined as follows:

A = 3 CJSF points
B = 1 CJSF point

1 additional point will be given for an A or B in an AP, IB, or Honors-designated course, up to a maximum of two additional points per semester or quarter.

C or Pass = 0 CJSF points

The student is ineligible for membership for the semester or trimester if they receive a D or F in any course.

Physical Education, courses requiring clerking or office/teacher help, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis are not eligible for CJSF points.

Grades in summer school courses, repeated coursework, or remedial coursework will not contribute toward CJSF points, but they must still be a C or higher.

Students from CJSF are eligible to join the Honor Award. Those who meet the requirements get the Honor Award seal added to their promotion certificate, and they are also qualified to don the CJSF gold pin.

Students from CJSF who exhibit poor citizenship may be excluded from membership. Disbarment is a decision that is solely at the discretion of the adviser and principal.

is the California scholarship federation an honor

The mission of the California Scholarship Federation (also known as CSF), a statewide academic awards organization, is to honor students who have excelled in the classroom. Obtaining qualifying grades each semester is a requirement for CSF membership.

California scholarship federation course list

Course Lists must be submitted by each CSF chapter by October 1st of each year and updated yearly. Chapters that have not submitted and received approval for their course lists run the risk of having their charters revoked.

The chapter for which they were approved is specific to the Course Lists. Different schools’ courses with the same or similar titles could not have the same curriculum or admissions standards, which would prevent them from being listed on the same CSF List.

You might receive an email from the Registrar following the submission of course lists for the current academic year alerting you of necessary modifications and asking that the revised course lists be sent back for approval. Your 2022–2023 CSF Course Lists were not authorized, and you must take remedial action if you did not receive an email approving them.

To check the progress of your course list submission and approval for 2022–2023, Click here.

Each year, each chapter is required to submit Lists I, II, and III of their current course offerings for the CSF Registrar’s approval.

By filling out a form and uploading CSF Course Lists in a Word or Excel document, counselors can quickly and easily submit annual CSF Course Lists using an online system (not a PDF). It is crucial that all chapters adhere to the requirements of academic excellence outlined below for their Lists I, II, and III in order to preserve the reputation of 100 years of Scholars for Service. Every year, on October 1st, course lists are due.

A student must obtain enough points from the Course Lists as outlined in Part A below to be eligible for CSF membership.

These extensive lists outline the courses that satisfy the requirements for student CSF membership. With the exceptions specified in the bylaws, ALL courses offered at your institution MUST be taken into consideration.

National Honor Society vs California Scholarship federation

National Honor Society

One of the highest accolades a high school student can receive is membership in the Nationwide Honor Society (NHS), an organization that recognizes students on a national level. Scholarship (3.25+ Academic Weighted GPA), exceptional character, and demonstrated leadership and service are requirements for membership.

Students must have qualified for four semesters during their 10th through 12th-grade years of high school in order to become lifetime members (seal bearers).

Lifetime members are awarded a special gold seal on their diploma, a cord, or a gold stole to wear during the ceremony at graduation.

California Scholarship federation

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a group that honors outstanding academic, service, and citizenship standards in California high school students. CSF promotes satisfaction in academic performance (3.50+ Academic Weighted GPA) while encouraging service to the school and community.

Students must have qualified for four semesters during their 10th through 12th-grade years of high school in order to become lifetime members (seal bearers).

Lifetime members are awarded a special gold seal on their diploma, a cord, or a gold stole to wear during the ceremony at graduation.

Difference between CSF and NHS?

NHS will need 30 hours of service or volunteer work starting in 2022–2023, while CSF will require 10 hours per semester, for a total of 20 hours per school year. *NHS & CSF are two distinct honor societies, each with its own membership requirements and application time.

California scholarship federation contact

Central Office
28241 Crown Valley Parkway, Ste F 201
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Get help quickly, email: [email protected]

669-CJSF-CSF (669-257-3273)

Visit the official Scholarship Website

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