12 Best Online Schools For Working Moms

Best Online Schools For Working Moms

Best Online Schools For Working Moms

Online schools for working moms stand as a gateway to getting a college education including acquiring a degree at the end of the program.  Amidst busy schedules and working remotely adults, especially moms have the chance to earn a degree.

A large number of online students who are sit-at-home moms are left with the need to balance the task of raising their children attending classes, and also doing the assignments that are given to them from school with the ones of their children.

Children are gifts from GOD. It’s a worthwhile goal to bring a child into this world while focusing on his or her needs through infancy. As your child approaches the age to attend preschool or crèche, one may find it more interesting in building a career in education to have enough choice to make in the future.

By taking an online degree program, working moms will be able to enjoy the process of raising their children while accomplishing their career aspirations.

Best Online Schools For Working Moms
Best Online Schools For Working Moms

The decision to get into higher education is not always easy for working moms, especially single parents.

Unlike traditional college students, moms have to figure out babysitters, juggle school work with parenting commitment, and figure out financial aid as independent students.

Some of the best online schools for working moms are:

online schools for working moms Is one of the best options for working moms while they do other things, below are some of the best online schools for working moms

  1. California State University, Los Angeles
  2. Capella University
  3. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  4. Northeastern University
  5. Penn State World Campus
  6. Pennslyvania State University
  7. Southern New Hampshire University
  8. Strayer University
  9. Trine University
  10. University Of Arizona Global Campus
  11. University Of Florida
  12. University Of West Florida


Benefits of Online Schools For Working Moms

Online Schools For Working Moms offer the flexibility that single parents need to succeed in earning a degree. In 2019 41% of online students were single parents.

If you’re a working mom, the online college makes a lot of sense. It offers more flexibility than an on-campus program, which makes it more simple for moms to earn a degree, especially during the age of COVID-19

With so many parents dealing with busy schedule disruptions and school closures, it is not easy for single parents to find time for their own education.

Online colleges that offer classes on a serial schedule let distance learners complete coursework at any time from anywhere.

Working moms can listen and watch lectures and do homework on their own schedules. Instead of searching for a babysitter to watch after the children, while mom attends an in-person class, student parents can do their coursework around other responsibilities. Parents monitoring their kid’s virtual learning can finish their coursework alongside their kids.


 importance of Online Schools For Working Moms

When assessing some of the best careers for working moms, you may consider a stay-at-home career choice. The same is true when searching for the best degrees for moms going back to school. Working outside the home for a long period of time has been the practice of most women but today, the women who sit at home can find jobs today which can allow them to cater from their own comfort.

Taking an online degree program will be great and comfortable for moms who sit at home because there will be adequate time to provide all the love, attention, and security the mom can offer to her children instead of taking them to expensive daycare centers.


This online degree program gives you the time to decide when to work on your classwork when you feel comfortable or when it fits your plan. Working moms with the best careers can always work if the child is having a nap, or maybe when he is in school, just to have time to meet up with all your classes. If you want to keep up with all your classes, you don’t need to schedule all your classes at the same time every day.

The mom who stays at home can also continue their education for other career opportunities because the degree allows it. It will also help you keep in touch in any field of study you might have chosen and help you to improve on your long-term aspirations for your future.

What are the Best Degrees for online working moms?

Mothers that sit-at-home have risen over the years and they have the time to carter for their needs. The reasons some mothers choose to stay at home with their children may differ, most of them see the need to return to school. To determine the area of concentration of study that will help you focus on your education and also prepare you for future jobs, you need to identify the best online degrees for sit-at-home moms.


Best Degrees for working moms include the following:   

Best Degrees for working moms include the following:   
Best Degrees for working moms include the following:
  • Writing & Editing
  • Paralegal
  • Network & Data Engineering
  • MS In Nursing
  • MBA
  • Healthcare Administration and Management
  • Education
  • Computer Science and Cyber Security
  • Computer Programming
  • Child Care
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Bookkeeper


Are There Free Online Courses for working moms?

If you have a tight budget, you may be concerned about the cost of an online degree program. You may have free courses available on Google depending on your interests and area of study to help with your goals.

Though in many cases, free online courses focus on giving certifications other than a degree, it may help you in your career aspirations but certain tests may be taken to obtain your certificate

Resources, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

To cut back on some expenses, you can obtain financial aid or apply fo a scholarship because the most online program that runs through an accredited college or university may incur a cost. If you want to obtain financial aid, the first thing you should do is to fill out the paperwork for FAFSA. Based on the current income level of some sit-at-home moms, the federal financial aid may proffer aid and scholarship to them.

Please also check the state that funds aid and scholarship. Scholarship or grants might be offered by your state if you meet all the criteria provided but note that you will be asked to fill out some paperwork or be qualified for the aid at the state level.

Scholarships and monetary assistance can be given by colleges and universities and this comes with you doing some specified tasks or have a grade point to qualify for the aid.

Scholarships and grants gotten from private businesses or other sources will also help with college expenses. Let it be at the back of your mind that you may be required to write some essays or meet some grade point average standard for you to be able to qualify for the scholarship. You may also be asked to work in a company for a period of time after you complete a degree when a grant or scholarship is being offered to you.

The advantage Stay at home moms have is an opportunity to achieve their career and education goals without relinquishing their time with their children. Taking an online degree program, you have the time to choose what time work and still manage your child’s timetable, and also give them the care they need. The focus is how you will be able to balance the online degree program that gives you the leverage to work at your convenient time.

Online education has so many advantages but you need to consider lots of factors before you can apply for an online program. Here are the likely questions you may ask yourself or any online school that you want to apply for.


Frequently Asked Question About online schools for working moms

Before you enroll in an online degree program you should ask yourself these FIVE important questions


While few online programs allow you to study at your own pace, most programs do not. You’ll be given deadlines for assignments, group projects, and progress you’ll have to make each week. You will also have more writings required than an on-campus student. Constantly written answers and thoughtful commentary just to account for the non-appearance of in-class time.

15 hours should be expected per week to be spent on your class. To organize your schedule, you should be willing to plan for it. Here’s a tip: Make sure your first class is a starter class. Make it flexible, easy and familiar with necessary material. By doing this, you are making yourself familiar with online learning.


Can you obtain a good and functional computer? Online schools require you to have and know how to use software like Word and Excel. You should also be comfortable using message boards, attending online meetings and also collaborate with virtual teams.


You should also lookout for the legitimacy of an online school if it is truly accredited because employers will also lookout out for it. To verify the accreditation of any online schools for working moms, you should check the college navigator tool on the education’s website before considering enrolling in online schools for working moms.


The data should be checked out for any online schools for working moms program on your radar.  Further, you should:

  • Go to the schools’ websites
  • Students’ reviews should be read so as to find out class attention to detail, professor accessibility, and assistance.
  • To get any information or answers to your questions, you should contact the schools.
  • Research school ranking sites
  • Research individual instructors in your chosen program

Detailed information will be gotten and this will help you make the right decision for the online school for moms.


First-generation students, transfer students, adults returning to school, military members, disabled students, and international students who want a U.S degree, can find so many online schools offering online degree programs for them. If you are part of the people mentioned, you should choose a program that will suit you.

Don’t suffer from program remorse.

Learn from others’ mistakes. Statistics have shown that most things people should have done before even applying for an online program were:

  • comparing more programs
  • further researching on cost and financial aid
  • Knowing if you can transfer credits or maybe the school accepts credit that you have already obtained. We should also know if credits can be transferred  to other schools

Research thoroughly. Do your homework. Finding the right online program is as the same quality that will make you a good student.

Accessing Augusoft/Canvas Virtual Classroom page.


As a working mom, doing a 9-5 job and also wanting to study a get a degree, you may wonder how you can achieve college success through online degree programs. Here’s the hack- there is a saying that goes this way “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”. You have to be determined, ready to put in the effort and work needed, and before you know it you’re already there.


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