About Us

The Foreign Scholarship Portal (FSP) aims to provide students from developing countries with access to scholarship opportunities offered by universities in the US, the UK, and Canada.

We have partnered with over 20 universities that are offering more than 1,000 individual scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies in the 2016-17 academic year.

Since we began operating, we have assisted more than 5,500 students applying to and receiving funding from foreign universities, helping them pursue their dreams of studying abroad while contributing to the improvement of their home country’s human resources capacity and foreign exchange earnings.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Foreign Scholarship Portal (FSP) is to help international students connect with scholarships from major universities in order to study abroad.

We have spent countless hours over the last few years researching, contacting, and corresponding with various universities across the United States in order to compile a list of scholarship opportunities available for our potential applicants.

Students are able to search by field of study, country, gender, and other characteristics. They can also receive personalized information on their individual eligibility and likelihood of being awarded a scholarship

Our Goals

The foreign scholarship portal is a website created by current and former international students from around the world. Our team has been working together for over two years to provide quality information to people who are interested in international education.

We have gathered all of our knowledge about scholarships, grants, and tuition fees into one place for you to use as you search for your next school or university! We hope that this website will be able to help you with your research and education goals!

Our Team

At Foreignscholarshipportal, We have gathered an expert team of writers and editors who have done extensive research on every scholarship available on our site, including reviewing requirements, amounts, and deadlines.

Our team is made up of UT students, alumni, and professionals who have studied or lived abroad. We hope that this site will help you on your journey and make your transition easier.

What We Do

The Foreign Scholarship Portal is a searchable database of scholarships for international students. We are committed to providing high-quality scholarship information to help you find the right scholarships for you. Our mission is to make it easier for you to apply and win a scholarship so that you can pursue your goals in the U.S., regardless of your nationality or academic background.

You can use our site to find scholarships that match your needs and qualifications, learn about different types of scholarships, get advice on how to write an effective essay and answer tough interview questions, and learn about what living in America might be like.