Compulsory 9 Subjects for Science Students in WAEC 2024/2025

Compulsory 9 Subjects for Science Students in WAEC
Compulsory 9 Subjects for Science Students in WAEC


Selecting the appropriate subjects for the WAEC exam poses a challenge for many students.

The 9 subjects for science students in WAEC collectively establish a robust groundwork, preparing individuals for diverse scientific careers.

In this Article, my team and I have put together a comprehensive list of the compulsory 9 subjects for science students so you will know the right subjects to register for when registering for WAEC.


What are the 9 Subjects for Science Students in WAEC

1. Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science explores the principles and practices of farming, focusing on crop cultivation, livestock management, and sustainable agricultural techniques.

It encompasses soil science, plant and animal biology, and agribusiness, offering insights into efficient and environmentally friendly farming methods.

2. Biology

Biology delves into the study of living organisms, from microscopic cells to complex ecosystems. It covers genetics, evolution, anatomy, and ecology, providing a comprehensive understanding of life processes and the interconnectedness of all living things.


3. Chemistry

Chemistry investigates the properties, composition, and behavior of matter. It explores the fundamental principles governing chemical reactions, molecular structures, and the periodic table.

Chemistry is essential for understanding the physical world, from the molecular level to industrial processes and environmental interactions.

4. Economics

Economics analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It explores the principles of supply and demand, market structures, and the factors influencing economic decision-making.

Economics is crucial for understanding global and local financial systems, policy-making, and the impact of economic choices on individuals and societies.


5. English Language

English Language studies language structure, communication, and literature. It covers grammar, syntax, and semantics while fostering critical thinking through analyzing written and spoken texts.

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English Language skills are fundamental for effective communication, both in written and oral forms, and are essential for success in various academic and professional fields.

6. Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics extends the concepts of traditional mathematics, delving deeper into areas like calculus, algebra, and statistics.


It provides a more advanced and specialized understanding of mathematical principles, equipping students with the skills needed for careers in science, engineering, and mathematics-intensive fields.

7. Geography

Geography explores the Earth’s physical features, climate, and human societies. It covers topics such as landforms, population dynamics, and geopolitical issues.

Geography enhances spatial awareness, critical thinking, and environmental consciousness, enabling students to understand the interconnectedness of human activities and the natural world.

8. Mathematics

Mathematics studies numbers, quantities, and shapes, encompassing areas like algebra, geometry, and calculus. It develops logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, providing a foundation for various disciplines such as science, engineering, and economics.

Mathematics is essential for understanding patterns, making predictions, and solving real-world problems.

9. Physics

Physics explores the fundamental principles governing the universe’s behavior of matter and energy. It covers topics such as mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum physics.

Physics is crucial for understanding natural phenomena, technological advancements, and the underlying principles that govern the physical world. It plays a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of the universe and driving technological innovations.


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